Ric Cuchetto

Ric has over thirty years of experience in analytic chemistry. His background includes expertise with laboratory systems such as gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, chromatography data systems, lab automation, sample preparation and laboratory information systems. His analytic instrumentation talents also include fast GC, fast LC, mass spectroscopy, multi-dimensional chromatography, time of flight, and other hyphenated techniques such as LC-ICP/MS, TGA-GC/MS, GC-IR, ETC.

Early experience in EPA methods shape the structure for some of the analytical processes and quality controls that Ric designs. Later, exposure to flavor and fragrance processing and manufacturers gave him experience with reverse engineering, shelf life/stability, and basic formulation. Finally, Ric’s experience as a Lab Director for a cannabis testing facility ignited his passion to bring standards for consumer protection from other industries to these emerging cannabis markets. Mr. Cuchetto was on the committee that developed the testing regimens and remediation scenarios to counter the overwhelming use of adulterants (e.g. pesticides, plant growth regulators, fungicides, mildewcides and even herbicides).

Mr. Cuchetto is known for his ability to perform quantitative analysis of complex compounds and to design and develop processes and procedures to meet the stringent requirements of research studies and government regulations. His experience ranges from research to manufacturing scale processes and analytic needs. A singular focus of his work has been to perform analyses for pesticides and herbicides in biologic and environmental samples and to develop effective means to remediate contaminated substrates.

He also has over twenty years of experience as a service engineer, product specialist and business development manager for companies such as PerkinElmer, LECO, and Hitachi. Not only is he a capable engineer, this brings him a detailed knowledge of a wide range of industry practices in analytical chemistry labs. His experience in the western US states of Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and California in classic agricultural commodities, such as hops, mint, apples, grapes, nuts, produce and dairy, gives Ric a unique range of perspectives on the cannabis and hemp industries.

Ric Cuchetto has developed a reputation throughout the cannabis industry as a valuable resource based on his work in formulations, isolation of active substances and remediation of pesticide residues. He was appointed to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s Rules Advisory Committee, Labs Technical Advisory Committee for recommendations on Oregon’s cannabis testing practices.

An active member of his community, he has performed public service with groups such as Citizens Against Chlorine Contamination, SPLORE, and the Rubicon Project.

Ric lives in the Pacific Northwest with Colleen, his wife of 34 years. They have two adult daughters. Colleen is a Patient Advocate for cannabis therapies for rare diseases such as Intracranial Hypertension and other brain or nervous system disorders. She maintains the personal and social contact that is so important for effective patient participation.