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A Solution to the Compliance Problem

Written by Ezra Pryor

Many challenges come with legalization of medical or recreational cannabis in any given state or country. Once the rules are established, licenses applied for and given out, and the cannabis facilities are up and running, a challenge that very few are prepared for is compliance. Often people running those facilities are not sure what even needs to be done to comply, owed to new or rapidly changing laws and regulations.

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State agencies which oversee that compliance are often just as underprepared for the practicalities of oversight as the cannabis facilities are to comply. In 2018, for example, Oregon was only able to inspect 10% of the facilities in their state. The results of those inspections were not much better with 27% percent of facilities having significant deficiencies and more than 10% with significant enough deficiencies that they were at risk of being shut down. Surely Oregon is not even the most egregious offender, since some states have no concrete plan on how to enforce their own regulations.

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You might think to yourself, no oversight sounds great. It means no fines or risk of getting shut down.  You would likely not be alone in that thinking, especially when it comes to operators shifting from the black market who are not accustomed to having to operate with any standards or quality practices. You would, however, be wrong, that is, if you value the health of your environment, consumers, and employees. State regulations are chiefly geared to protect the safety and wellbeing of the consumer, the employees in the facility and the environment we all share.

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Thankfully there are resources like AuditProHBX to support entrepreneurs and state regulators that are responsible for compliance. AuditProHBX is a software solution for compliance that puts the experience of a seasoned auditor in anyone’s hands.  By taking the regulations for a given state and pairing them with federal, fire, and building code regulations, we have put a complex set of regulations into an easy-to-use smartphone or tablet-friendly checklist format.

The results of the checklist are automatically input into a cloud-based storage system which also seamlessly generates beautiful reports that can be used to persuade management or your team to invest the time and energy needed to solve compliance issues. Use the reports to keep track of each individual issue or to track issue trends over time. With automatic updates and unlimited users, AuditProHBX is an easy way to safe time, money and gain peace of mind.

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