-BeyondHealth, LLC Partners With Next Frontier Biosciences to Bring Advanced Cannabinoid Formulations to the Medicinal Cannabis Market

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Innovative Formulations and Delivery Methods Designed for Improved Administration Offer Patients Better and Safer Options

GOLDEN, Colo., March 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — C-BeyondHealth, LLC and Next Frontier Biosciences are working together to bring patients a premium line of medicinal cannabinoid-based products with a focus on superior quality, consistency, and effectiveness. Together, the companies intend to develop and commercialize a suite of medicinal products that will leverage C-BeyondHealth’s patient-directed sales, marketing, and distribution platform and Next Frontier’s proprietary cannabinoid formulations, which offer pharmaceutical industry precision. The companies intend to launch a line of sublingual (under the tongue) sprays and topical salves in the second quarter of 2019, with additional product lines to follow. This budding partnership also demonstrates a commitment on both sides to add a much-needed level of sophistication to how medicinal cannabis products are developed, packaged, and delivered to patients.

“C-BeyondHealth, LLC recognizes the shortcomings in the industry, and we are here to improve that experience,” said Mike Segal, President of Partnerships, C-BeyondHealth, LLC. “The most common problem with medicinal cannabis is dosing accuracy and convenience. Now with our partners at Next Frontier, we can provide patients with innovative products that offer discreet and precise dosing with high bioavailability. It’s an exciting development, and we believe this relationship will flourish as we move forward.”

“Partnering with C-BeyondHealth, LLC allows Next Frontier Biosciences to expand our products into the multibillion-dollar medicinal cannabinoid market, helping to improve people’s wellbeing,” said Marc Graboyes, Co-Founder and CEO of Next Frontier Biosciences. “Our cutting-edge products are designed to meet the medicinal market’s need for clean, consistent and trustworthy products that allow patients the ability to manage their dose. Our partner, C-BeyondHealth, LLC, shares this vision for the industry’s future and we are excited to work together to pursue our mutual goal of providing consumers with best-in-class cannabinoid-based products that are safe, effective, and discreet.”

About C-BeyondHealth, LLC
C-BeyondHealth, LLC is a patient-directed product development company dedicated to advancing the science and availability of targeted cannabinoid formulations. C-BeyondHealth, LLC is headquartered in Golden, Colorado with registered business operations in Bangkok, Thailand. For more information visit, or for press inquiries, please email

About Next Frontier Biosciences
Next Frontier Biosciences (NFB) is a cannabinoid-focused biotech company that develops and licenses innovative cannabis products that are scientifically formulated for improved delivery. Its patent-pending formulations include nasal, sublingual and topical delivery technologies for precision-controlled dosing of mixed cannabinoids. Located in Colorado, Next Frontier Biosciences is lead by a team of pharmaceutical executives with over a century of experience and a demonstrated track record of success. For more information visit

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