Cannabis Consumption Meets Accuracy and Elegance with Dash Micro-dosing

cannabis consumption
Written by Alex Micalef

Blühen Solutions Interview with Adeola Odusanya and Ian Kelley

As Canada eyes Cannabis legalization next year, there has been no shortage of innovations in the emerging industry. We sat down with two of Blühen Solutions founders, Adeola Odusanya and Ian Kelley, to get an inside peek at the Dash, their micro-dosing prototype.

cannabis consumption

Functional Prototype

The Dash is a ready-to-use, handheld micro-dosing device that the consumer can carry with them during the day. The device dispenses a few milliliters of tincture into their tea, coffee, or beverage of choice. Currently, the tincture is a combination of glycerine, ethanol, and cannabis extract.

The device will be available for medical and recreational users alike. For the recreational market, we are targeting young professionals, between the ages of 25 – 40 years old, with disposable income. This device would be ideal for individuals who aren’t necessarily devoted to a Cannabis lifestyle, but rather enjoy a passion for technology and an interest in recreational Cannabis consumption. We are still researching the medical market’s demographics, and naturally, our devices will be offered and available to a much wider range of medical Cannabis users, and we want to be able to cater to that market.

We are hoping to launch our product on the market in time for the Canadian Cannabis legalization (July 1st,2018). The goal is to release several Beta models by September 2017, allowing us a bit more time to refine the design of the product and get feedback from medical patients. The product review, along with upcoming Cannabis legislation, will ultimately determine the launch date. Disposable pre-filled canisters will be sold in conjunction with the device, allowing a seamless and clean transition between uses.

Our Dash device provides us an immense opportunity to align with the medical and recreational users who want to gravitate away from combustion and smoking. Our device provides an elegant and discreet opportunity to re-brand Cannabis consumption. Although vaporizers are a healthier alternative to smoking, we want to give users, who have no interest in smoking at all, an opportunity to still enjoy Cannabis leisurely and discreetly, if necessary. We want to break the current Cannabis stigma around consumption and appearance. For example, this device would be a subtle and effective complement to independent workers and young professionals co-sharing a working space. As well, for parents who need to medicate discreetly, our device offers a convenient solution. If you are curious about Cannabis and have been waiting for legalization, allow our Dash device to make the formal introduction (find us at

*NOTE: the cover photo represents a Conceptual Prototype.

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