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Cannabis Contraindications

Written by Petar Petrov

Cannabis is fairly safe, especially when compared to some other prescription medications. However, that doesn’t go to say you should treat it like water or vegetables. Cannabis does come with some contraindications, and being aware of them is crucial for both your well-being and cannabis’ good name, which is still in a relatively fragile state.

Anxiety and Psychosis

Anxiety and paranoia are not uncommon in heavy consumption of THC-rich chemovars. For that, people who are already prone to psychotic episodes and/or suffer from mental disorders should approach cannabis, and THC in particular, with more caution.


As with pretty much anything in life, especially of that nature, moderation is key. Balance. Homeostasis. There are cases of prolonged and heavy cannabis use which lead to psychological dependence. Even though those play out much more subtly than the ones of physiological dependence, they can still feel like giving up the control, even partially, to a foreign substance. In such scenarios, the brain produces dopamine on its own less and less and gets used to relying on exogenous, or non-naturally occurring chemicals. Those are the cases we have come to associate with that sticky, all-around lethargy we just can’t seem to shake off, sometimes for days on end.


It’s important to remember that as beneficial as the flower can be, procreation is a process that should be cannabis-free if you want it to run smoothly.

On the one hand, different studies have come to the conclusion that prenatal cannabis use can lead to low birth weight, hindered fetal brain development, and premature birth.

On the other hand, something that is less expected and recently discovered is that regular cannabis use, defined as at least once per week, can affect sperm for up to six months, and despite the implications of this still being vague, it’s best to stay clear from it for half a year if you plan to conceive.

Heart Problems

As most cannabis users can probably confirm, it can make your heart race immediately after intake for up to an hour. This is because THC causes blood pressure to drop and cardiac demand to jump. While for many people this is one of the manifestations of a coveted euphoria, for those with preexisting heart problems who are prone to cardiovascular diseases, this physiological response is a serious contraindication that can be detrimental over time.

As far as contraindications go, the ones of cannabis are fairly innocent and common sense; however, treating them as insignificant trivialities can turn them into something darker.

Image Credit: Verywell Health

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