Cannabis Cultivation in Texas

cannabis cultivation
Written by Cara Wietstock

Austin, Texas cannabis cultivation is approved for farming.

Compassionate Cultivation is an Austin-based medical cannabis cultivation is now ready to plant their first medical cannabis crop. The company is one of two licensed cannabis cultivations in the Lone Star State. Both businesses are licensed to grow low-THC and high-CBD plants for the medical patients of Texas. Compassionate Cultivation will be running a vertically integrated operation from growing the plant to extracting the CBD oil.

“Our business philosophy is built around a world-class team and responsible leadership that exceeds the state’s expectations. And most importantly we’re excited to deliver on the promise of low-THC cannabis to the Texas medical community — and to the many patients and families hoping that CBD-rich cannabis oil can help stop the cycle of suffering.” said Compassionate Cultivation CEO Morris Denton.

The company plans to start selling medical cannabis oil by January 2018 pending final approval from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Their cultivation will be managed and operated by MJardin, a company that provides turnkey cultivation and processing services.

Their Chief Medical Officer Dr. Karen Keough, a board-certified child neurologist who specializes in treating intractable epilepsy at Child Neurology Consultants of Austin. She herself has admitted that she wasn’t expecting much from CBD treatment, but now agrees that more research is needed.

“The medical community has struggled to understand CBD, and even though we still have a long way to go, we’ve learned so much that has legitimized this cannabis-based medicine over the last three-to-five years, but especially in the last six months —and this is only the beginning,” says Dr. Keough

Cannabis cultivation in Texas is the result of the Texas Compassionate Use Act, signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott in 2015. The bill legalized the cultivation of CBD-rich cannabis and the sale of oil derived from that cannabis in the state with the proper licenses.

Compassionate Cultivation has established themselves as dedicated to helping patients and families that are in need. Now they have officially planted the first of many CBD-rich cannabis plants as a means to fulfill their compassionate mission.  

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