Cannabis Science & Technology Conference Coming Soon to Philadelphia!

The Cannabis Learn Conference, April 30th-May 2nd, will bring together multiple, seemingly independent paths currently comprising the cannabis industry, in an overarching setting to better enable proper networking and the propagation of ideas.  The organizers of the event, Greenhouse Ventures, have designed the conference to facilitate bridging the gap between academic institutions that specialize in conducting novel research with science and technology companies that have entered the cannabis arena, thereby enabling a swifter dissemination of cannabis science.  This is all the more paramount since the illegality of cannabis has limited the bodyof research that U.S. based universities and companies have initiated to date, perhaps one of the sole exceptions being the University of Mississippi.

Businesses wanting to reap rewards from cannabis-themed revenue streams may not exactly know how to seamlessly transition into a still federally illegal market.  While some may have forged ahead, without proper guidance, other companies have sought the expertise of those knowledgeable on the legal and regulatory aspects of the industry. Couple that with the complexities involved in producing commodities quickly, in what remains to most, an industry enshrouded with secrecy, and one that lacks standardized methods or quality control programs.  It’s not an embellishment to conclude that neophyte businesses whose milestones include being players in the cannabis market can better meet those goals through enhancing their education and networking with established industry natives.

“After three years vetting investment opportunities in the cannabis industry, it became apparent that most companies lacked the professionalism and infrastructure commonly found in traditional pharmaceutical, agricultural technology, and medical technology companies”, Kevin Provost, Executive Officer, and Co-Founder of Greenhouse Ventures concluded.“This lack of industry-wide sophistication led Greenhouse Ventures to re-focus our investment thesis and reallocate half of our internal resources into developing education, training, and compliance programs for businesses and ancillary professionals seeking a more buttoned-up approach to raising capital and operating within a regulated cannabis industry.”

Since cannabis is not strictly a U.S. market, the event will showcase the endeavors of representatives from several internationalorganizations. Featuring over 100 international operators, investors, and university researchers throughout three days of panel discussions, training programs, and keynote lectures taught by the cannabis industry’s top professionals, this symposium will be the first of its kind to land on the eastern shores of the country. The conference organizers have also sought to celebrate diversity by ensuring that nearly fifty percent of the speakers are minorities or females possessing leadership positions within the cannabis industry. The Cannabis Learn Conference and Expo is strategically taking place during Philly Tech Week 2018 – a weeklong celebration of technology and innovation in Philadelphia that includes over fifty events and attracts 15,000 – 25,000 people annually.

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