Cannabis Titans Ed Rosenthal and Terpenes and Testing Magazine Join Forces on New Book, The Terpene Experience.

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Delicate flowers, soothing bird songs, crisp air, and warm sunshine. Spring is all about beautiful new things; a break from the long, cold winter. The idea that cannabis isn’t a medicine has been one that was frozen in time about 80 years ago. As the winter of stigmatization falls, the spring of normalization is most welcome.

If you’re not looking forward to battling the cold this winter, or even if are, you’ll have something to anticipate when spring renews: a new book about terpenes by Ed Rosenthal, often referred to as The Guru of Ganja. He’s teaming up with Terpenes and Testing (T&T) Magazine to bring you into the amazing, fragrant world of the terpene.

Remember a time and aroma when you strolled through a meadow of wildflowers, or fresh herbs like lavender. Or appreciated the amazing nose and flavor of a soft, hazy, hoppy pale ale. Or considered the intoxicating fragrance of your favorite cannabis variety. The mesmerizing molecules responsible for all of these nostalgias are the terpenes, in one beautiful form or another.

You’ll find an educational bounty in this book, called The Terpene Experience, from basic terpene chemistry, to how terpenes have evolved from discarded waste products into a sought after solution for customizing and enhancing cannabis concentrates. This is a book designed to show everyone–from the scientifically-literate to the armchair or nascent cannabis user–how valuable terpenes are, not only in our daily routines, but also when considering the delicate and aromatic distinction of the many cannabis varieties known and treasured.

The progeny of this revolutionary partnership will be unveiled on May 30 at the next T&T powered gathering in the Palomar Mountains of Pala, CA. The event is called Concentration: A Cannabis Extraction Conference, and the pairing of the collaboration with another trendsetting event will surely be revolutionary. You’ll also be able to find the book through Ed’s publisher, Quick American Publishing, or via Amazon.

So, whether you’re needing a serving of limonene to energize you through the winter, or two servings of pinene to perk up your holiday spirits, the thought of this new book being available next spring should be enough to get your cannabinoids flowing. The goal now, is to learn which terpenes will best compliment them, and why.

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