What States Can I Home Grow Cannabis In? Part 2

Written by Heather Ritchie

This week we are continuing with the list of states that allow you to grow cannabis at your residence. We’ll start off with Maine.


Maine has detailed limits for growing cannabis at home. Adults 21 years of age and above may cultivate six mature plants, an unlimited number of seedlings, and 12 immature plants. These plants must be kept in a locked facility and should be out of public view. Growers must take precautions to keep cannabis away from minors.

Maine requires every plant to be tagged with the owner’s name and Maine identification or driver’s license number. The state also specifies that incapacitated adults, minors, homeless patients, and those in nursing or hospice facilities can’t grow cannabis; only caregivers can.


In Massachusetts, adults 21 years and older may grow up to six mature plants, and they can’t publicly visible. They must only be for personal use. Hardship cultivation registrations are available to patients that qualify to cultivate enough plants to provide a 60-day supply for the patient.


Primary caregivers and qualifying patients in Michigan may have 12 cannabis plants in a locked, enclosed facility and 2.5 oz. of useable cannabis without violating criminal laws.


Registered cardholders in Montana may have up to 1 oz. of useable cannabis, 12 seedlings, and four mature plants. In addition, a cannabis or cannabis-infused product provider may possess the same amount of cannabis as long as the cardholder has listed that person as the patient’s provider.


Adults that are at least 21 years old may possess 3.5 grams of cannabis concentrate, 1 oz. of useable cannabis, and no more than six plants within their home if they live over 25 miles from the closest retail store.

A registered cannabis patient in Nevada can have 2.5 oz of useable cannabis and 12 cannabis plants no matter what their age. They must reside over 25 miles away from the closest medical dispensary.

We’re almost done with the list of states. Come back next week at read about the last few states that allow you to cultivate cannabis at home.

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