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Consistent Chemovars, Batch-to-Batch

What makes cannabis strains different from one another? We tell them apart by their appearance, smell and effects. Each cannabis variety is its own unique chemovar.  Chemovars are the chemotypic profiles of plant species. A cannabis chemovar is the composition of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols, and other compounds found in the cannabis plant. Today’s cannabis market has embraced the convenience, discretion, and rapid relief offered by personal vaping pens and other methods that employ cannabis concentrates or extracts.

Consequently, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain consistency in cannabis chemovars due to extraction conditions. No matter how sophisticated the extraction method, chemovar profiles in extraction yields have proven to differ greatly. Several studies have shown that despite the many advantages of extracts, concentrates consistently lack the whole-plant full therapeutic effect of their origin strains due to terpene loss in the extraction process.

So how can a cannabis company specializing in concentrates consistently maintain authentic chemovars in extracts?

Delta™ is a core technology launched by Steep Hill and Eybna Technologies at the San Jose Terpenes and Testing World Conference in April, 2018 “The Delta product allows customers to consistently capture and recreate the full-plant terpene profiles of their favorite, unique cannabis flower which can be used in any oil-based cannabis product, restoring the potency of the authentic flower to the convenience of extracts” explains Nadav Eyal, CEO of Eybna.

By Steep Hill’s analysis of both the flower, which represents the plant chemovar, as well as the extracted oil, enough data is collected for Eybna to produce a Delta™ layer made of a botanically-derived terpene formulation which is customized to restore the unique chemovars of the origin flower lost during extraction.

“I believe that different cannabis strains with different qualities target specific conditions in patients” shared Patti O’Brien, a nurse and CEO of Kanna, a newly-licensed dispensary in Oakland. “Oil-based products seem to be a convenient and preferred consumption method by many patients and I see how important it is to maintain the terpene composition of the whole flower in these products. One of our patients, who suffers from HIV and various infections called me literally crying after trying one of the infused vapes, explaining to me that he can actually walk after his blood transfusion. He says that never happens.”

The Delta™ customized product is now offered by both the Steep Hill and Eybna sales channels.

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Lior Chatow, Vice President of R&D, Eybna

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