Film Makers Grow Six Football Fields of Cannabis to Make The Green Goddess Movie

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The Green Goddess movie is an international adventure comedy filmed in five countries starring six football fields of legal marijuana grown in Switzerland. Over fifteen years in the making, The Green Goddess movie has been released in August of 2019.

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Green Goddess is an almost true story.

Four Americans – Solé, Ilé, Christian and Riley – are growing cannabis in Northern California when the DEA shows up. Ilé is caught and to raise money to get their friend out of jail, the others flee to Switzerland to grow six football fields worth of cannabis.

Having just enough money for one planting season, the heroes rent an old Swiss farm. Their adventures take them across Europe to a music festival in Germany, a medical marijuana clinic in London and the coffee shops of Amsterdam. And all the while, the Green Goddess – the divine feminine spirit that lives within the THC crystal – watches over them, choosing one lucky individual to meet her.

The Green Goddess creators, with a total base crew of eight and the actors, really did spend a full season in the Swiss Alps growing six football fields of cannabis while filming the feature-length movie. Forging ahead through challenges as diverse as enlisting the Swiss fire department to pump water over the fields to simulate a thunderstorm, or wrestling with a farm crane in lieu of a film crane for sweeping shots of the fields, to eventual run-ins with the Swiss authorities during a time of changing and growing laws, the team returned to the U.S. with a mostly finished film. Now, more than a decade later, the film is now released, and has grown to over 300 people in the cast and crew.

The film is far from preachy, however, and will take audiences on a new kind of adventure – a quest to find the enigmatic Green Goddess herself. And it must be mentioned – there is a lot of cannabis in this film, and 500 psychedelic animated sequences, making The Green Goddess movie one of the most animated independent feature films of all time!

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