Fish Sh!t: Nature’s power, channeled into a bottle through agronomy’s best practices

Written by Petar Petrov

Giving their product a name as punchy and explicit as Fish Sh!t and then for good measure illustrating it with a logo graphic enough to erase any possible trace of doubt whatsoever, the good folks at Fish Head Farms certainly have nothing to hide about their organic soil conditioner. And why would they? It would be like a premium caviar company pretending their product isn’t the mass of eggs contained in the ovaries of a female fish.

Fish products may not sound the sexiest, but in reality, they can do wonders, whether for your taste receptors or your cannabis crop.

“When you look at some Pacific Northwest regions where a lot of different types of fish coexist, the soil is so much greener and vigorous,” explains Jason Gideon, a highly satisfied customer of Fish Head Farms.

This is precisely what Fish Sh!t is – the biological excerpt of regions like the Pacific Northwest, the boiled-down essence of a harmonious, thriving ecosystem, “a piece of nature in a bottle.”Fish Sh!t will breathe life into your cannabis product, and by life, we mean increase yield, potency, and nutrient uptake, enrich terpene profile and flavor, and improve your plants’ health.

It All Starts with Great Customer Service and Transparency

Fish Sh!t’s playful brand identity is by far not the only aspect that draws people in. For Jason, it all started with great customer service and a practical demonstration:

“The name and the label caught my attention, and so I asked the owner about the product.  I didn’t have any goals in mind other than growing happy, healthy plants,”Jason remembers. “During our discussion about FishSh!t, he brought me out back of the store to some plants he had growing for demonstration.“

Jason goes on to explain how cordial, friendly, honest, and simply put, “awesome” people from Fish Head Farms are. And he’s certainly not the only one who hit it off with them.

“After getting to know the guys behind Fish Sh!t, it’s been really cool to see them build a family-oriented business from the ground up. They’re all awesome people and the type of guys I want to give my business to,” Tyler, another happy customer, says.

What Is Fish Sh!t

But Fish Sh!t owes it success to much more than its creators’ personalities.

Fish Sh!t is derived from feeding tilapia a proprietary mix of organic feed. Once digested, the feed becomes a catalyst of bacteria and microorganism production and growth. A new world is born, inhabited by bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, lichens, and protozoa.It’s a living, breathing ecosystem, whose variety is hard to grasp in its entirety, which is harvested, aerated, and bottled at the optimum time under managed conditions. Fish Sh!t is nature’s power, channeled into a bottle throughagronomy’s best practices.

As such, by pouring it on your crop, you let nature do what it does best. An abundance of beneficial microbes goes into the soil, triggering natural effects, synergetic processes and symbiosis between plant and soil that could never be duplicated by man under laboratory conditions.

This is why, in a way, introducing Fish Sh!t to your garden is almost like playing creator. You can create the cannabis equivalent of a unique megapolis, intersecting an eclectic mix of cultures and historic periods.

Increase in Nutrient Uptake, Yield and Flavor

But even if a more unique and multi-dimensional crop doesn’t happen to be your primary goal, Fish Sh!t makes for more practical results which virtually anyone is after.

“It has a tremendous impact on the ability of the plant to maximize the nutrients in the soil.  Helping support a healthy and diverse biome, which can truly take full advantage of the feeding program, regardless of style,” Jason says.

Those improvements can’t be attributed to luck, specific plants, or any other practices Jason might have adopted either:

“I was able to see immediate results in my own plants after just a week.  I ran a full vegetative and flowering cycle, applying Fish Sh!t to only a few of the plants to get a fair comparison. FishSh!t exceeded my expectations,” Jason explains. “I ran the same strains, from the same three mother plants for a year, through multiple cycles.  I can honestly say that there was a noticeable improvement between my earlier harvests and with every harvest, since I started using Fish Sh!t, the flavor and yield have definitely improved.”

“My numbers show an 8-10% higher yield on average, with dense buds that have heavy trichome coverage and stronger terpenes,” Jason continues.

Tyler agrees:“The plants love it and the fact that our flower is showing higher terpene content is great!”

People who use Fish Sh!t can expect up to a 20% increase in yield.

Healthy Plants

When Jason went around the back with Fish Head Farms’ owner for the demonstration, the first thing that struck him was how healthy the plants looked:

“He showed me examples of how FishSh!t had produced much healthier looking tomatoes and sunflower plants.  The width of the main stalks were noticeably larger and thicker on the plants where he had applied Fish Sh!t. I was impressed with the results and thought it would be a great product to add to my mix.  Building a strong Biome is key to healthy plants.”

This is due to Fish Sh!t diversifying the microbe profile of the soil which is essential to any plant’s growth, development, and respectively, health. During photosynthesis, plants secrete chemicals, called exudates, through their roots, which are then consumed by microbes and converted into consumable nutrients in the rhizosphere, the area around the plant roots. This process is directly linked to a plant’s health. The richer the microbe profile of the soil, the better and more diverse the nutrients are, and ultimately, the healthier plants become.

Completely Organic and Cleansing

“I’d encourage anyone and everyone to, at the very least,give it a shot and find out on their own how Fish Sh!t can benefit their garden. It’s OMRI listed which makes it a perfect match for those organic farmers out there,” Tyler says.

“The EC [electrical conductivity] on my runoff was at least 0.5 lower in the plants with FishSh!t. It’s one of the only products that I run during my flush in flowering weeks 8 and 9, after cutting out all other nutrients,” Jason explains.

The best part about this purity is that it’s not just measured in numbers or manifested in lab tests, but has very practical implications:

“Cannabis tastes and burns better. The flavor is clean. You can always tell when there are chemicals in cannabis because when it burns, the ash comes out in funny colors, like red, for example. With Fish Sh!t, there’s none of that,” Jason continues.

With so many products, cannabis-related or not, consumers are often faced with an unpleasant choice which comes down to strength and potency versus health and purity. With Fish Sh!t, this choice is no longer necessary.

“Fish Sh!t and enzymes in those last weeks, really help cleanout the soil and flush the medium clean, while pumping up the terpenes and bud density. It comes from nature, but it’s refined to achieve even better results,” Jason says.

What more could you want?

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