IONIC Investigates Washington State Cannabis Testing Inconsistencies

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After receiving conflicting test results, IONIC is moving forward with their ‘Certified Clean’ program to uncover the cause of inconsistent laboratory test results on the exact same batches of IONIC oil

SEATTLE, Feb 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — IONIC Inc. advises that Uncle Ike’s reports on “The Sesh” about IONIC products are false. IONIC launched an in-depth investigation into the erroneous failed pesticide test results posted by Uncle Ike’s on their website dated February 2019. Conflicting and inaccurate test results on an identical batch of cannabis oil have third parties misinformed. IONIC is confident that their ‘Certified Clean’ Program meticulously tests all batches to ensure products are below the legal limits of pesticides set by Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Control Board (LCB) standards.

IONIC management is evaluating options to remedy this situation for all businesses in the cannabis industry and consumers. IONIC takes the false reporting seriously and unwaveringly stands behind its products and will defend its position with all vigor.

Inconsistent lab tests create big problems for everyone in the cannabis industry.

Below are highlighted the key dates and facts:

  1. November 18, 2018 – Uncle Ike’s announced a failed pesticide test on their website; assuming the test was accurate, IONIC issued a voluntary product recall of all associated batches.
  2. December 18, 2018 – At the request of IONIC, the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Control Board (LCB) visited IONIC in Tacoma to assess the report of pesticides. During this visit the LCB took multiple samples of IONIC product to test at their laboratory in eastern Washington.
  3. December 21, 2018 – IONIC received a failed lab result from a 3rd party laboratory for the batch ending in #IN89QFE. The LCB continued its investigation and took samples from the same batch and stated that they would report the findings at a later date.
  4. January 11, 2019 – IONIC posted the results of the ‘Certified Clean’ program to their website which tests 100% of all batches and refuses to deliver any product that does not pass or exceed LCB requirements.
  5. February 14, 2019 – Uncle Ike’s “The Sesh” reported that another 3rd party test on an IONIC product had failed. As part of IONIC’s quality assurance program, the same lab had previously tested and PASSED the same batch. The test results from Dec. 26 are listed on IONIC’s ‘Certified Clean’ web page. IONIC requested another retest, and yet again received a notably different result.
  6. February 15, 2019 – IONIC contacts the LCB as part of their ‘Certified Clean’ program to address the allegations. IONIC then learns that learns that the LCB has closed their investigation related to the November 18th incident with no warnings or infractions issued.

IONIC CEO John Gorst stated, “I am confident that IONIC has taken all necessary steps to ensure a safe, top quality product that exceeds Washington State LCB standards. IONIC has developed and implemented an industry standard of excellence with our ‘Certified Clean’ Program. We are evaluating options available to us under state law to ensure that test labs consistently and accurately report test results. We operate at the highest levels to assure consumer protection. We are hopeful that the testing labs involved are able to explain why a batch can pass at state level and fail during a random local test for the safety of consumers. We find this unacceptable.”

IONIC will provide further updates as they become available.

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