Lab Effects Offers Roadmap To Better Cannabis Product Formulations Using Terpene Blends That Target Physiological Effects

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Terpene laboratory empowers cannabis manufacturers to create more sophisticated formulas catering to specific needs of users

GOLDEN, Colo., June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ( Lab Effects, the longest-running terpene laboratory in the cannabis industry, has created what they refer to as Customized Cannabis Medicine™, which just launched on This process enables cannabis brands and manufacturers to formulate products for targeted physiological responses and delivers consistent experiences for consumers time after time.

“Knowing the medicinal value of each isolated terpene allows us to combine complementary compounds based on knowledge of their physiological effects,” said Scott Holden, CEO, and Founder of Lab Effects. “This allows us to further control and amplify the desired therapeutic power of a product when formulating for clients working with cannabinoids like CBD, THC, CBG, CBC, and CBN.”

Terpenes are the fragrant molecules known for giving all plants, including cannabis, their unique flavor, and aromatic qualities. Leading-edge manufacturers are no longer looking at terpenes as simple flavor enhancements. While these elements are crucial to every successful cannabis product, consumers are now demanding consistency in how each product yields experiences or desired effects. Lab Effects empowers brands to leverage therapeutic blends that deliver just that.

“In the cannabis industry, we see a lot of arbitrary blends and extracts mixed and marketed to consumers as a ‘full spectrum cure-all’,” said Holden. “Aside from breaking FDA rules, how can manufacturers make claims correlating a product to an ailment when they don’t itemize, control, or even understand their ingredients? This is one of the industry’s core problems, and Lab Effects offers a piece of the solution. By integrating and advancing research on cannabinoid and terpene synergies for reliable user effects, the industry can better serve its customers and separate themselves from the market.”

Lab Effects has had a particular focus on blending synergistic terpenes known to support the targeting of specific ailments: pain, inflammation, anxiety, cancer, auto-immune, and more. The Colorado-based lab can customize therapeutic terpene blends, flavors, and aromas to secure their client’s product IP and catalyze brand loyalty.

Browse their extensive collection of isolated terpenes and therapeutic blends (both cannabis-derived and botanical) at

About Lab Effects:

Lab Effects is the premier and trusted source for botanical profiling, extraction, purification, and custom formulation of 100% natural terpenes. Located in Golden, Colorado, the lab’s interest in natural terpenes is centered around its diverse application in flavoring products and for their known medicinal properties.

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