Loudpack Legacy: Improving the Future of the Cannabis Industry by Honoring its Past

Written by Petar Petrov

High demand usually drives most burgeoning industries to a delicate point in their development – the crossroads between big and small players, innovations and old-school craftsmanship, promise and traditions, future and past. One crossroads with two diametrically opposite exits.

But that’s not how Loudpack Farms sees it, at least not when it comes to the industry they’ve put their life and work into – cannabis. On the contrary, the Californian company which cultivates, manufactures, and distributes cannabis believes that just like plants benefit immensely from growing in a diverse biological environment, so does the cannabis scene and its wide range of eclectic consumers. Loudpack envisions not a crossroads, but rather two separate lanes of the very same road – one for big companies and another for small farmers, leading to eclectic products of superior quality and a better cannabis future for everyone.

And Loudpack Farms, a progressive and renowned company in touch with traditions, the cannabis plant’s deep cultural roots, and good, old-fashioned craftsmanship, certainly leads by example. It uses its partnerships with local growers “to support small, local cannabis farms and farmers in California who often struggle to gain a foothold in the larger market, hindered by state regulations and other sales.”

This is Loudpack Legacy in a nutshell. The initiative isn’t just a resounding name – it’s embodiment of its creators’ idealistic ideas.

Loudpack Legacy is focused on four Californian counties: Humboldt, Mendocino, Trinity, and Lake County – a far-from-random selection:

“The heart of cannabis grow in the state of California and ultimately the best cannabis in the country, comes from counties including Humboldt, Mendocino, Trinity and Lake County,” Kate Denton, Loudpack’s CMO told us. “These communities were the first places we wanted to work with because they have such a history and “legacy” of creating the best quality product.”

It’s in places like these where family generations of small local farmers have laid the groundwork for the advancements which the cannabis industry is currently seeing. However, with the legal market coming to life, “they don’t have the proper supply chain system to distribute across California,” Denton explained.

For people like Hannah Whyte, owner of Emerald Queen Farms, Loudpack Legacy is a true godsend:

“We are thrilled to be a part of Loudpack Legacy and to have this unique opportunity to get our flower into the hands of more consumers, allowing people all over California to enjoy our product,” she said. “Humboldt County is really the bedrock of the cannabis community in California and it is very exciting for small farms like ours to finally have a platform to showcase these traditional styles of farming and spread awareness of our sustainable and mindful practices.”

“Quality over anything else”

However, make no mistake – simply being a small local farmer doesn’t earn you a spot in this powerful platform:

“First and foremost, it is always about quality over anything else,” Denton declared. “As consumers, we are always looking for the best product and we know that is what consumers are ultimately looking for in any type of agricultural products.”

Level Playing Field

Loudpack Legacy levels the playing field, in addition to making it bigger, more diverse, and most of all, filled with better cannabis. By giving a chance to local farmers who have been honing their craft for years and generations, the initiative prevents bigger players with more resources from completely taking over. And this isn’t going against large companies per se, but against monopoly as a whole, as the latter isn’t exactly known fo rpushing any industry forward.

“We can look at analogous industries such as the beer and spirits industry, where there is a place for huge macro brands but also for the craft distillers and small local breweries, for consumers to choose from,” said Denton. “We want to be sure there is room for the market to develop itself with a wide range of offerings in order to  give consumers what they are looking for –whether it comes from a mainstream product or something hyper-local with a personal story.”

Loudpack Legacy is a thoughtful alternative to the crossroads which the cannabis industry has reached. The initiative is more of a meeting point between present advancements and the traditions of the finest of craftsmanship. It’s an intersection where the bar is higher, ambiguity is lower, and both consumers and growers are happier.

“Loudpack Legacy gives us the chance to celebrate small batch local growers and highlight them in a way we have not been able to do in the past,” Denton said.

After all, with something as culturally and historically rich as cannabis, a good future is impossible without honoring its past.

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