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Monte Sagrado is the first product line

exclusively developed with CBD, a promising cannabinoid

NextgenPharma, a pioneer medical cannabis pharmaceutical company in Puerto Rico, revealed today a ground-breaking partnership with renowned singer-songwriter, musician and producer Draco Rosa. The manufacturing agreement will allow NextgenPharma to be the exclusive producer of medical cannabis products under the artist’s brand, called Draco Rosa Holistic.

“With this project, I celebrate life and the opportunity to share with other cancer patients and survivors a natural alternative to have a better quality of life”, explained Draco Rosa. The first product series of Draco Rosa Holistichas been developed with an exclusive formulation using THC, CBD and terpenes, and will be available in dispensaries island wide under the nameMonteSagrado.

For NextgenPharma, this agreement represents an important step in its expansion process. “The medical cannabis industry in Puerto Rico continues to grow. This partnership and Draco’s testimony are important because they support our efforts to defeat stigmas and reach more patients”, added Carmen Serrano, the company’s chief executive officer.

As part of this important announcement, Draco Rosa also confirmed having obtained his license as a medical cannabis patient in Puerto Rico. “Medical cannabis was an important complement during my healing process. Even after overcoming cancer, this natural alternative helps me cope with other conditions and have a better quality of life”, he added.

The Monte Sagrado product formulation has been created using an Indica cannabis strain, characterized for having high concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol) as well as a balanced load of terpenes and other components that allow the patient to control pain with a relaxing effect, promoting a healthy balance between mind and body. The consumption methods of this initial product line include flower, tinctures, vaping oil and capsules.

In the instance of tinctures, their formulation includes a potent combination of 800 mg of CBD, 200 mg of THC and 30 mg of terpenes. The high dose of CBD and the sublingual application of tinctures enable a quick medical effect -particularly its anti-inflammatory benefit- minimizing the psychotropic effect of THC. Its medical application can be extremely beneficial for patients of cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, as well as other medical conditions where inflammation is prevalent.

As for vaping oils, they come with a powerful formulation of 500 mg, where 70% of the cannabinoids are THC, 10% are CBD and 3% are terpenes. The high THC load and the vaping method also enable an almost immediate medical and pain relief effect. On the other hand, capsules contain a formulation of 15 mg of THC, 5 mg of CBD and 3 mg of terpenes. They are recommended for medical conditions where chronic pain is prevalent and which affect the sleeping period of patients. The THC load in Indica genetics is a natural relaxant and sleep facilitator. CBD serves as an anti-inflammatory that multiplies the effects when combined with terpenes.

For more information, patients and dispensaries can contact 787-420-0033.

About NextgenPharma

Located in the municipality of Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, NextgenPharma is a medical cannabis pharmaceutical company committed to improving the quality of life of patients with debilitating diseases. It was born out of the vision of its founding partners to create a new pharmaceutical industry on the Island, taking advantage of its human capital and the regulatory framework that promotes research, development and manufacturing of medical products derived from high quality cannabis. For more information, visit

About Draco Rosa

With a successful career, Draco Rosa has traveled all over the world, selling out prestigious venues and reaching a very solid fan base. Inducted into the Hall of Fame of Latin Composers in 2016, Draco Rosa received the honorary title of Humanities and Business Administration from the Universidad del SagradoCorazón (USC) in Puerto Rico for his career as a singer and also for his achievements as a composer, musician, businessman and philanthropist. The multi-award winning GRAMMY and LATIN GRAMMY artist wrote and produced several Ricky Martin singles including “María”, “La Vida Loca”, “La Copa de La Vida” and “She Bangs”, as well as other classic hits such as “Más y Más”. After 8 years, he released on October 26 his first studio album called “Monte Sagrado”, which includes titles such as “333”, “Dentro de Ti” and “2nite 2nite”, the first musical advances of the album.

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