OrganicaWorld Announces 2019 Plans to Grow 29 Different Varieties of Industrial Hemp in Florida to Fulfill the Surging Demand of Industrial Hemp Seeds and Plantlets to Farmers

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A leading agriculture greenhouse technology company is equipped with 350,000 square foot greenhouse facilities to contract grow and sell industrial hemp plantlets and seeds to farmers across the USA.

ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — OrganicaWorld steps ahead of the forefront to commit an entire arm of its organization to grow industrial hemp on a large scale. With its state of the art greenhouse facilities that were custom engineered to produce lettuce and herbs, OrganicaWorld has already made the giant leap to cash in on the growing demand of industrial hemp. With forecasts of seed shortages, OrganicaWorld can commit to supplying seeds and plantlets with high CBD quality content. Grown in a controlled environment, each variety will be hydroponically grown in water with 89 organic nutrients fed into the water system. Thus, giving all of the plantlets everything they need to flourish. Some will be grown to seed and others designated to pack and ship when only a few weeks old. This gives farmers a turnkey solution to growing industrial hemp. Each plantlet can be instantly put into soil when it arrives to the end user, creating an instant farm of industrial hemp. From 50,000 acre farms to simple ½ acre home plantations, OrganicaWorld is ready to fulfill the demand. This will exponentially increase the number of farms in the USA. The shortage of quality seeds and plantlets is one of the highest concerns of modern day growers. By contract growing, OrganicaWorld can control the entire process from seed to harvest. The company plans to build additional greenhouses every 90 days to keep up with the demand. The company is taking pre-orders now for the industrial hemp seedlings and plantlets on a first come first serve basis.

With a test group of large scale farmers in Florida, OrganicaWorld will contract to buy 100% of the grown crop back from the grower. This gives the farmer guaranteed income and gives OrganicaWorld first right to buy back their exclusive crop to finish it out into consumer goods. In addition, OrganicaWorld plans to grow out its own crop on additional lands to span its seed to harvest plan for vertical integration of industrial hemp products for the end user. Each variety will be grown and perfected to end user products whether it is CBD oil, protein powders, or the stalk used to create hempcrete for better and more eco-conscious building solutions for houses, commercial buildings and even roads. OrganicaWorld is taking a giant leap into the trend of vertical integration to contract grow vast amounts of industrial hemp and open up divisions to process the industrial hemp onsite, thus truly utilizing the farm to consumer model.

Some lands will be left available for CSA membership or Community Supported Agriculture. These are lands that will be grown to full crop that the community helps support and in return reaps the benefits of the harvest to sell the crop back to OrganicaWorld. Many people want to be involved in the industrial hemp revolution, but they are not farmers and they just don’t have the extra time or expertise. This program which was adopted by the Florida Department of Agriculture, allows community members to buy into a crop at the seed level and share in the bounty of the harvest. It’s a great way for busy Americans to get involved. Although this program was created for food, industrial hemp may soon become the most popular crop in the CSA programs.

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