Part 2, Round 2: Terpenes Square Off in the Elite 8

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While March Madness plays out on the court, we’ve got a competition on the sidelines. Welcome to Leafly’s Strain Madness, where you will decide which cultivar gets dubbed the champion of all cannabis. 

Check back every day to find out which cultivar wins in each division, and vote every day to see your favorite cultivar through to the final round.

Yesterday we introduced you to 16 popular cultivars that represent the diversity cannabis has to offer, and you selected your favorite cultivars to advance to today’s second round. Cultivars continue to battle it out among their own terpene divisions, and the remaining contenders in each terpene group will advance to tomorrow’s round.

Now it’s time to vote through another four cultivars to the semi-finals.

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Myrcene Division

Granddaddy Purple waltzed through its round one matchup with LA Confidential, and now squares off with the classic White Widow, who staged a late comeback against Green Crack. Now in round two, they’ll go head to head for the chance to represent myrcene in the Final 4.

These two myrcene-dominant plants sit at different spots in the effects spectrum of cannabis, with GDP known for sleepy, restful couch-lock, while White Widow is appreciated for its balanced, happy effects and creative euphoria. The musky, earthiness of myrcene shines through both plants’ flavor and aroma profiles, yet GDP is more berry and sweet, while White Widow is highlighted by bright floral notes.

This matchup shows that even when cultivars share the same dominant cannabinoid and terpene, the influence of the minor compounds can create a very different flavor and experience altogether.

See each cultivar’s terpene profile here:

Caryophyllene Division

Yesterday, GSC casually knocked Original Glue out by capturing over 72% of the round one vote. The matchup between OG Kush and Sunset Sherbert was nearly a 60/40 split in favor of the legendary OG Kush. Now, parent and child genetics clash for caryophyllene supremacy in this Elite 8 matchup between GSC and OG Kush.

Both of these caryophyllene-dominant plants feature complex and compelling aroma profiles that have helped them stand out in the sea of green. Cookies and OG cultivars are both known to be pungent and potent, but they provide two completely different flavors. While both feature dank earthy notes, GSC is much sweeter, while OG Kush has a sharp pine aroma.

The powerful effects of both cultivars are extremely euphoric and happy. Could the similarities between their effect profiles be attributed to caryophyllene’s ability to stimulate the CB2 receptors in our bodies? One thing is for certain: The winner of this match-up is poised to be a favorite as they head into the Final 4.

See each cultivar’s terpene profile here:

Terpinolene Division

In round one’s most convincing win, Super Lemon Haze walked all over underdog ChernobylAcapulco Gold vs. Dutch Treat, on the other hand, came down to the wire—but ultimately the nostalgic counter-culture classic beat the sweet coffee shop delight with Acapulco advancing to round two.

Flower of both Super Lemon Haze and Acapulco Gold erupt with bright, aromatic notes. Super Lemon Haze presents a sour, citrus zest, while Acapulco has a complex woody sweetness. While terpinolene in isolation is believed to be sedating, both of these cultivars feature more stimulating, uplifting effects.

Many smokers report a spark of creative energy from Acapulco Gold. Could that be what helps it edge out the favorite Super Lemon Haze? Vote now!

See each cultivar’s full terpene profile here:

Limonene Division

Sour Diesel ran away with its round one matchup against Cinex. Now it faces challenger Do-Si-Dos for the top spot in the limonene bracket and a chance to play in the semi-finals.

These two plants share three things in common: a dominant cannabinoid (THC), a dominant terpene (limonene), and a pungent aroma accented with a sharp gas aroma. Sour Diesel has a few disputed phenotypes, but it has built its legacy off strong notes of diesel fumes, while Do-Si-Dos has a much sweeter aroma accented with subtle fuel.

Each of these cultivars is known to put a novice smoker down, but Sour Diesel’s uplifting effects are the polar opposite of the sedating relaxation that Do-Si-Dos is known for.

See each cultivar’s full terpene profile here:

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