Pixis Labs offers Organic-Equivalent Pesticide Analysis to Oregon Cannabis Producers.

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Producers can label products “pesticide free,” when they pass the screen.

Portland, Or. December 3, 2018 Pixis Labs offers an expanded pesticide analysis for Oregon cannabis products and CBD products nationally. The method was developed in-house to screen 379 pesticides by LC/MS/MS and GC/MS/MS; 320 more analytes than is required for compliance in Oregon.

“Many producers claim to be cultivating clean; now they can prove it,” said Derrick Tanner, General Manager of Columbia Food Labs DBA Pixis Labs. “This gives our clients an edge in this saturated market and consumers the confidence that their hemp and cannabis products are free of contaminants.”

The screen will include the compliant pesticide testing for the state, which is reported, and allow cannabis producers to label their products “pesticide free” when they clear the action levels for expanded analysis.

For Oregon cannabis producers, each composited sample will represent up to 5 batches of usable flower.

For CBD producers/processors, with different regulations to navigate in different markets, this expanded test provides quality assurance and acts as a potential precursor for national testing regulations.

The analysis is available now, by contacting Kelly O’Connor, sales rep for cannabis and hemp department at Pixis Labs.

Pixis Labs provides quality analytics to the Oregon cannabis community and national hemp/ CBD industry through consistent data and accurate reporting.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Kelly O’Connor at (503) 254 1794 ext

2300, or email

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