From the gene to the scene: Knowledge in the grow


From the gene to the scene: Knowledge in the grow

Consumers in the cannabis industry have spoken. The demand for concentrates, extracts, and edibles has ascended to new heights, as users look to be more discreet, intake more potent levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, and eliminate the inhalation of the toxic by-products from combustion. With increased sales of these products relative to cannabis flower, manufacturers needn’t resort to sub-optimal materials like microbially-contaminated plants for their starting feedstocks. Rather, the perceptive manufacturers thriving today recognize the importance of using top-quality flowers, devoid of potentially toxic substances that can be health hazards. After all, medical patients are relying on these products to improve their overall quality of life.

The genetics of cultivar seeds and clones generated to optimize specific phenotypic traits has been and will be paramount to the generation of stable plants, possessing unique chemistries to better target specific medical conditions.

When growing cannabis indoors, there are multitudes of essential aspects to consider in the design of the grow. A bad design could affect what could have been a beautiful harvest.

Cannabis farmers must also develop strategies to maximize their harvest through the use of plant nutrients and pesticides, while ensuring that their harvest is safe.

Lastly, the life-cycle concludes with the final stages of the cannabis plant’s journey: harvesting and curing, trimming flowers, and prepping the flowers to be sold as is or on to an extraction facility.
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