Professional Network for the Cannabis Industry Launches Out of Colorado

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DENVER, March 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — cannektme, the first professional network dedicated to the cannabis industry, had their public launch last week and is accepting new members. Comprised of a private social network, industry job board, business & services directory and aggregated news feed, cannektme utilizes some of the best features of top social platforms today to “cannekt” the cannabis industry. From multi-decade veterans to today’s cannabis professionals and enthusiasts, the network brings together like-minded individuals to learn and support each other.

Founder and creator Shea Curran says, “As a Schedule 1 federally illegal substance, tech giants like Facebook and Google have taken a conservative approach on cannabis content and marketing, which led to fragmentation of an industry still in its infancy.” This stance is largely due to their loose account creation standards – anyone 13 years old and up can create an account, almost anywhere in the world. cannektme takes member privacy and local laws very seriously with a policy only allowing individuals in applicable medical (18+) and recreational (21+) states. By putting this policy into place, the network is inherently private and, thus, allows users to create cannabis content without fear that it will violate terms and subsequently be deleted.

When asked about creating the network, Curran said, “During a career search of mine a few years ago, I recognized just how separated the industry was, with most cannabis participants relying on personal relationships and simple word-of-mouth connections. To expand those networks, there haven’t been many options with an emphasis on professional development and resources until cannektme.” The current landscape of cannabis platforms and applications has been relatively catered to younger, more consumer-based audiences, making a network like cannektme a much-needed resource for industry professionals.

Although cannektme does not aim to recreate the technological wheel, there are features unique to the platforms that haven’t existed until today. While most companies have been fairly niche-oriented, attempting to solve one or a few industry problems, the cannektme network has taken a broader approach, allowing and encouraging the community to lead these efforts. “By leveraging the network, a recent graduate can begin their career in cannabis, a grower can find a B2B supply-chain partner, a freelance marketer can find their next client, a consumer can find the nearest dispensary, a patient can feel accepted and unashamed of their medicine choice – the possibilities of applicable scenarios are endless when you bring passionate people together … and the cannabis industry is certainly not lacking passion,” Curran stated.

In the company’s eyes, the launch marks an important step in the continuous effort to de-stigmatize views of the cannabis industry as being “lazy” or “unprofessional.” Far from the unfair characterizations and stereotypes, the burgeoning industry is ripe for a start-up like cannektme to advance the conversation towards professionalism and acceptance.

As a special thank you to new members, all cannabis industry employers can post unlimited job listings for free. The promo is only for a limited time, so be sure to create an account today to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Sign up today at to start networking with cannabis industry peers.

About cannektme:

Founded in 2017, cannektme is the first professional network dedicated to the cannabis industry. Created by advocate and patient Shea Curran, cannektme aims to solve industry-wide fragmentation by leveraging the best features of online networking today. The network is free to join and open to medical patients and 21+ in applicable legalized states.

cannektme Media Contact:
Magon Dew
Phone: (513) 909-9552

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Professional Network for the Cannabis Industry

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