Raw Garden and Clean Green Certified Cannabis

Written by Asia Mayfield

Health-conscious consumers who crave organic food can satisfy their needs by stopping at a grocery store and searching for the correct label. But what about consumers who are interested in organic cannabis? Because cannabis products cannot be certified organic by the Department of Agriculture, consumers who care about how the plant was grown must rely on industry-specific standards and certifications.

That’s why California cannabis producer Raw Garden embraces its Clean Green Certified status. Clean Green is one of the country’s largest, most reputable cannabis certification programs.

“Only farmers who meet the highest quality standards can obtain this certification,” explains Khalid Al-Naser, Raw Garden’s head of product.

“We care about the land we farm, so everything from water conservation to natural pest management is built into our practices.”

As one of the largest cultivators in the state, Raw Garden helps set the trend for organic, sustainable cannabis farming.

“Just like with organic fruits and vegetables, customers want to know that what they’re consuming is safe,” Al-Naser says.

“We focus on farming first and we sought out third-party certification because we know that good land management and healthy soil create the best quality plants, and we wanted our customers to know that was where it started; with clean, high-quality inputs, grown responsibly.”

This commitment to sustainable farming practices helps Raw Garden produce organic cannabis that meets all the requirements the US Department of Agriculture expects from organic food. Clean Green certification inspections occur yearly and include factors like the impact of the applicant’s facilities on the environment and pesticide use.

“In keeping with our 100% natural approach, we apply only organic fertilizers,” says Al-Naser.


“To naturally deter pests, we recruit beneficial predatory insects like ladybugs and parasitic wasps, in addition to botanical oils and diatomaceous earth. Our use of organically-based farming methods along with strict third-party verification ensures that we are good stewards of the land.”


Sustainable, organic cannabis cultivation isn’t just good for the environment; it benefits consumers as well. Many experts believe that organic cannabis is safer to consume or ingest, while others believe that these farming practices can lead to a more flavorful and aromatic experience. Terpenes and cannabinoids, two molecular classes that affect how the body experiences cannabis, may be impacted by the plant’s growing conditions.


At Raw Garden, some of their most popular, terpene-rich cultivars are Wedding Breath and

Funk n’ Fire. Funk n’ Fire, one of their oldest creations, is the child of GG4 and Leeroy OG. Because Raw Garden’s cannabis is grown organically, you know that you aren’t inhaling leftover pesticides or harmful chemicals when you smoke these varieties. This benefit may be even more important for consumers who prefer concentrates. According to Al-Naser, people love Raw Garden’s Refined Live Resin™ Crushed Diamonds.


“This is probably our most versatile concentrate as it can be dabbed, used as a ‘bowl topper’, or

sprinkled into a joint. It is easy to work with and seems to have an ability to enhance a number

of consumption experiences,” he says.


If you’re interested in organically grown cannabis, you can find Raw Garden’s products at more than 800 dispensaries in California. A list of those dispensaries can be found here.

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