Responding to Rising Demand, Botanacor Laboratories Expands Hemp Testing to All of North America

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As the Only Lab Purpose-Built to Pass FDA Inspections and Audits, Botanacor Tests Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD Products to Assure Product Quality and End-User Safety

Denver – August 19, 2019 – Botanacor Laboratories, the widely recognized leader in accredited testing of hemp biomass and hemp-derived CBD products, is responding to rising demand by offering industrial hemp and CBD testing not just in Colorado, but throughout all of North America.

Botanacor tests are conducted in a validated facility, using validated instrumentation, and validated methodologies.

Prior to the 2018 Farm Bill becoming law, Botanacor focused on analyzing samples submitted only from Colorado companies, for regulatory compliance reasons. But now, Botanacor offers its full line of hemp tests to any North American customer seeking a fully-compliant, ISO-17025 accredited lab.

Botanacor delivers its tests through unrivaled compliance with the highest standards of cGMP (for laboratory testing

regulation) and cGLP (for scientific data integrity).

Available Tests:

Botanacor currently offers tests for Biomass & Plant Material, Extracted Oils & Concentrates, as well as a whole host of finished products spanning

edibles, cosmetics, solid oral dosages, pet food, and more. B otanacor’s test

suite includes Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Potency Profiling, Terpene Profiling, Residual Solvents Analysis, Pesticide Residue Analysis, Heavy Metals Analysis, Microbial Contamination, pH, Water Activity, and Density.

Mailing Samples: Hemp and CBD samples can be submitted by following the simple instructions outlined on the Botanacor website. The Company offers rapid turnaround and an online Turn Time Calculator, allowing customers to easily track their sample results.

“We are a highly differentiated lab, offering our customers the superior accuracy, quality, and practices you typically experience only at multi- national pharmaceutical laboratory levels,” said Mike Branvold, Botanacor’s President. “We combine the highest standards of validated testing with rapid turnaround, backed by customer service that’s truly second to none.”

Industry Growth: The demand for Cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp-based products is extraordinary and growing. The global industrial hemp market size is expected to reach $10.6 billion by 2025, according to a report by Grand View Research, Inc. The market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 14.0%.

About Botanacor

Botanacor was the first Colorado-based laboratory founded for, and entirely focused on, hemp and CBD testing. Botanacor participated in the first-ever Hemp Pilot Program conducted in Colorado in 2014. The Company has clearly distinguished itself among its competitors through its facilities validation, process controls, equipment validation, Pharmaceutical best- practices, and rapid response. Learn more:; 888-800-8223.

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