RH STAYFRESH Provides Protection, Preserves, And Optimize Sensitive Moisture Products

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TEMECULA, Calif., Aug. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — was formed under the parent company called MJS Supply. The teams promise is straight forward: We Protect, Preserve, and Optimize Sensitive Moisture Products. With RH STAYFRESH, adding or removing moisture as necessary within storage container or device is easy and eliminates the risk of spoiled product. RH STAYFRESH eliminates the risk of loss of color, aroma, and taste for herbal or tobacco products.

RH STAYFRESH Science Works 2-Ways, While Some Other Products Only Offer 1- Way,” state the the founders. RH STAYFRESH Pak consists of a specially prepared solution which is impregnated with a balance of natural ingredients into a semipermeable membrane designed to release and manage a specific relative humidity level through the process of “Osmosis Exchange.” RH STAYFRESH Is Patent Pending.

RH STAYFRESH releases purified water vapor there is no upkeep needed. Offered in four different options, the most popular RH levels captivates excess humidity when needed won’t over-humidify, averting mold. The RH packs where created for cultivators, tobacco and herbal enthusiast.

Available June 25, the RH STAYFRESH has an MSRP of $260.00 and comes 12 – 4 Gram 72 RH STAYFRESH in resealable foil. It is available today on and in select stores nationwide.

Key features of the RH STAYFRESH
-When the provided indicator card changes color or when the RH pack becomes firm and dries it is time to replace
– RH STAYFRESH releases purified water vapor
– RH STAYFRESH packs are maintenance free and require simple activation

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