ROYALE G, a Revolutionary Premium Herb Grinder, Launches on Indiegogo

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The trailblazing innovators at San Francisco-based Pre-Royale introduce their first iconic product that fuses convenience with luxury and style while giving consumers the opportunity to take part in the global cannabis movement.

SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) October 29, 2019 — As the global cannabis movement gains momentum through emerging legislation and mainstream popularity, cannabis advocate organization Pre-Royale has launched its inaugural premium product on Indiegogo – ROYALE G The Most Revolutionary Herb Grinder.

With demand for quality products and accessories growing, Pre-Royale is poised to meet this need by developing high-end products for the worldwide cannabis community by combining luxury and style with functionality.

“It’s not only about great products, it’s about the movement,” said Pre-Royale Founder Marcus Lee. “With its patent-pending design, ROYALE G is a revolutionary prestigious product designed to change lives on a deep, personal level. ROYALE G takes the traditional grinder concept to the next level – featuring everything you will find on your standard grinder, but with a modern, sophisticated and elegant design and many new features all consumers will love.”

ROYALE G features include:

Gold-Plated Trim: ROYALE G brings convenience and luxury into one product, with a “splash of gold” for a sophisticated premium feel. It embodies a stigma breaking message which showcases the new cannabis culture and lifestyle.

Multi-Functional Clip Scooper: An innovative accessory that makes it easy to scoop and navigate ground herb after securing the grinder, with no need for direct contact that often results in “sticky fingers.”

Modular Design: Perfect for travel, the conveniently-sized herb grinder is ideal for life on-the-move – offering portability and a size-adjustable design. Great for separating strains as desired.

Airtight Storage Compartment: Scale down to the portable model and use the spare compartment as an airtight storage with the two additional lids provided. It’s a two-in-one grinder and storage package deal.

Double Anodized Aerospace Grade Aluminum: Built to be durable, this cutting-edge specific form of aluminum acts as a security vault for bud, providing protection with incredible strength and an ultra-soft finish.

“We love the grinder’s sleek anodized aerospace-grade aluminum build, and we know our customers will too,” Lee said. “The gold-trim accent seals the deal, with a luxurious design that reimagines the global cannabis movement. But it’s about more than fancy features. It’s about empowerment and making consumers part of something bigger…something revolutionary.”

Lee says the Pre-Royale Team is passionate about delivering impeccable quality, first with ROYALE G and with future luxury products.

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“We’re proud to be cultivating a new culture and lifestyle for cannabis enthusiasts worldwide, inspiring our fellow consumers to live their lives on their terms,” he said. “Many users are afraid to express their passions, fearing embarrassment, judgement…or even job loss. We’re here to change that by making cannabis usage classy, stylish and luxurious for everyone. Today, doctors, lawyers, architects, musicians, and professionals of all kinds are becoming more aware of the undeniable benefits of cannabis.”

For more information about the revolutionary, life-changing herb grinder, or to purchase the ROYALE G at an early-bird discounted price during crowdfunding, visit the ROYALE G – The Most Revolutionary Herb Grinder Campaign Page on Indiegogo.

About Pre-Royale

Pre-Royale is a San Francisco-based cannabis advocate organization, building an inspiring community to educate the world about the emerging cannabis culture and lifestyle. The team of experienced cannabis enthusiasts is leading the global cannabis anti-prohibition movement, breaking the taboo and stigma surrounding cannabis usage through freedom of expression and luxurious product creation.

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