Rx Green Technologies Launches Fortify Fungicide

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Cannabis Inputs Technology Company adds 25B fungicide to product offerings.

DENVER, Aug. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Rx Green Technologies (, a leader in cannabis nutrients, supplements, and substrates, enters the integrated pest management market with the launch of FORTIFY FUNGICIDE (, their newest product. FORTIFY FUNGICIDE is an agricultural fungicide designed for and tested on cannabis.

FORTIFY FUNGICIDE both prevents and cures powdery mildew in cannabis cultivation environments. The proprietary surfactant and stabilization chemistry in FORTIFY FUNGICIDE allows for precise blending of microbe-fighting essential oils. The technology in FORTIFY FUNGICIDE lets these oils easily permeate foliage for rapid absorption. Cultivators will not need a secondary surfactant product.

The 25B ingredients in FORTIFY FUNGICIDE are allowed for use with cannabis in all US locations. These ingredients are also exempt from FIFRA registration due to minimum risk.

Rx Green Technologies CEO Wesley Matelich describes FORTIFY FUNGICIDE: “This product outperformed every 25B competitor we tested it against. And because we’re selling FORTIFY FUNGICIDE directly to growers, we can deliver this more effective solution at lower prices than competing products.” Matelich continued, “When we tested FORTIFY FUNGICIDE on powdery mildew afflicted cannabis in our research and development facility, the product almost entirely eliminated all signs of powdery mildew in four hours.”

For more information about FORTIFY FUNGICIDE, please refer to the product labelMSDS, and trial results.

About Rx Green Technologies: Rx Green Technologies is a cannabis-specific agricultural input company, based in Londonderry, NH and Denver, CO. Rx Green Technologies delivers and supports research-backed products to commercial cannabis cultivators, a historically underserved market.

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