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State-by-State Med Cards, Part 2

Lance Griffin
Written by Lance Griffin

Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico

Valid state-issued driver’s licenses/IDs and physician certifications are required to apply for medical cannabis cards in Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico. Read on for more details about what medical cards in these states provide.


Medical cannabis was available in Nevada as of 2001 per the Nevada Legislature’s Medical Use of Marijuana law. The application for a medical cannabis card in Nevada can be filled out and submitted online. The 1-year registration fee is $50.00. Dispensaries in Nevada serve individuals with official medical cards from all other states. Medical cannabis card holders in Nevada may:

  • Possess 2.5 ounces of cannabis (flower, or equivalent quantities of edible/concentrate) per 14 days
  • Cultivate 12 cannabis plants (mature or immature)
  • Possess no more than 10,000 mg THC per 14 days


As of June 2019, nearly 85,000 individuals held a medical cannabis card in Colorado with the majority qualifying under the condition “severe pain.” Patients seeking annual medical registration apply online and pay a $25.00 fee. Colorado prohibits state reciprocity for non-resident card holders. Per Article XVIII of the State Constitution, card holders in Colorado may:

  • Possess 2 ounces of usable cannabis at a given time
  • Cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants but no more than 3 mature/flowering plants
  • Defend their legal right to exceed these amounts as medically necessary

New Mexico

The New Mexico Department of Health does not charge a fee for medical cannabis applications, but requisite forms must be mailed or dropped off in person. Patient cards are viable for three years as of June 14, 2019. Per the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, medical card holders in New Mexico may:

  • Possess/transport up to 230 units (8 ounces of dried cannabis flower) per 90 days
  • Cultivate up to 16 plants but no more than 4 mature/flowering plants
  • Share up to 2 ounces with other registered patients
  • Possess any relevant paraphernalia for cannabis use

Limitations for medical card holders in these states include not operating a vehicle while under the influence. Use in public places is also prohibited.

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