Steep Hill Cannabis Testing Lab to Open in Arkansas

cannabis testing lab
Written by Cara Wietstock

Renowned cannabis testing lab Steep Hill has been making headlines with their worldwide expansions. At the first of the month, the company announced their most recent expansion to Arkansas. This is the first licensed Steep Hill Laboratory in the Southeast.

cannabis testing lab

CEO Jmîchaeĺe Keller said, “We are pleased to announce our expansion to the Southeast, and Arkansas in particular.  We are especially proud of the credentials our partners will bring to Arkansas medical patients in the state, and together we will deliver the best science, technology, and professionalism available in cannabis testing for patients.”


The Arkansas branch of Steep Hill Labs will be run by two Little Rock, Arkansas residents. Co-owner and CEO Brandon Thornton is licensed to practice pharmacy in seven states. He is also a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. Currently, Thornton also serves as Vice President of Pharmacy Operations for Custom Pharmacy Solutions.


When asked about the new endeavor, Thornton commented, “As a pharmacist, patient safety is always my primary concern. When medical cannabis was approved by Arkansas voters, I wanted to get involved. Quality and potency testing of cannabis is the best way to keep patients safe. After researching the issue, I was amazed at the complexity of the testing process and the degree of expertise and advanced technology needed to get accurate results.”


Thornton has teamed up with Co-owner Brent Whittington, an Arkansas resident with an immense background in business and startups. The pair is very excited to bring the first cannabis startup to the state and believe that their partnership with Steep Hill will help them provide Arkansas patients with safe, reliable cannabis.


Steep Hill Labs have long set the standards in the cannabis testing lab sector. Now, with this expansion, they have reached a new state in the cannabis industry. This global takeover is no accident. As Keller added, “We have worked very hard to establish our global leadership in the cannabis testing space, and the strength of our new partners in Arkansas is a testament to this leadership – together we intend to be the gold standard for science, service, and safety for the medical cannabis industry in Arkansas.”

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