TREEZ Releases Treez 2.0, A State-of-the-Art Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Software

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CALIFORNIATreez, the cannabis industry’s leading enterprise retail management software system, announced today the next generation of its platform, Treez 2.0. Treez’s updates will allow the company to enter the seed-to-sale space while gaining momentum as a true enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform.

Customers can expect to find decentralized point of sale capabilities, automated compliance, integrated payment processing and increased stability with Treez 2.0. Allowing retailers, manufacturers and cultivators to track their respective business objectives, data and performance metrics in real-time and manage their enterprise from a single system. New and improved features of Treez 2.0 include:

  • Robust, Built-In Reporting Capabilities: Real-time insights that allow businesses to drive key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Enhanced and Integrated Compliance Suite: Easily manages state-mandated cannabis regulations
  • Seed-to-Sale Traceability: Closely monitors every step of the product’s
    lifecycle from cultivation to retail, all from a single, compliant platform
  • Go Beyond the Limitations of Metrc APIs: Treez 2.0 acts as a premier business tool to enhance internal processes, streamline operations and boost efficiency
  • Integrate at the PO Level: An operator can easily pull shipments from Metrc down to Treez and automate state tracking compliance every step of the way

“We’ve done this in an effort to enhance and automate compliance in-line with Metrc coming online in California and to make our software more accessible and applicable to operations in other states, especially those with state-mandated track and trace systems,” said John Yang, Treez CEO. “We’re laying the groundwork for a Treez future and building a system that empowers our operators to track inventory on a more granular level, no matter where they fall within the supply chain.”

With Treez 2.0’s ability to increase compliance, accessibility and automation, the software will allow the company to expand its footprint nationwide, capture upstream market share and push the industry forward as a whole. Reduced redundancies and intuitive user-interfaces mean business will run at an optimal level in a simple yet concise manner.

Treez 2.0 will become available to California customers as early as January 2019. Treez will release the next generation software via a systematic rollout that will provide focused, hands-on training and support to retailers — reducing friction when cutting over to the enriched platform.  To request an interview with company principals please contact Marylyn Simpson at For more information please visit

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