US Farm Bill Compliant Greenhouses Now Available with AGT Hybrid Greenhouse — Ancon Development Corp’s next generation of greenhouses ensures crops are grown free of contaminants through their cleanroom technology

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ESCONDIDO, CA (December 20, 2018) — Ancon Development Corporation, a leading designer and developer of advanced facilities, today announced that its new AGT Hybrid Greenhouse is fully-compliant with the groundbreaking US Farm Bill.

Among its far-reaching benefits, the US Farm Bill mandates purity of all crops, which will make most existing greenhouses non-compliant. The bill also legalizes hemp as an agricultural product for the first time by amending a major drug law that has not been altered in half a century. Hemp is a plant that is biologically similar to cannabis and is a key source of CBD, which is the active ingredient in cannabis-based medicines, and which must be grown in cleanroom environment to best ensure purity of the product.

The AGT Hybrid Greenhouse, with its patent-pending cleanroom technology, makes crop contamination a non-issue. According to Ancon, the company’s new greenhouses are already government compliant and one step ahead.

“Current greenhouses simply cannot guarantee crop purity,” said Terry Van Gelder, President of Ancon. “The greenhouse hasn’t really changed much in over a century. Because of this, crops like cannabis cannot be grown without contamination. Samples from shops and dispensaries in several states have revealed contamination from insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides and other compounds used to eliminate or prevent infestations. Our AGT Greenhouse eliminates all crop contamination.”

Cleanroom Technology Eliminates Crop Contamination

The vast majority of current greenhouses are not sterile and vulnerable to mold and mildew due to the plastic tarping and water condensation on the steel beams. The water with mold drips onto the growing cannabis, which is a huge problem for all types of crops. The AGT Greenhouse employs glass ceilings to eliminate mold contamination and potential crop loss.

The AGT Greenhouse includes a sealed, cleanroom laboratory environment with variable daylighting control, which is perfect for medical plant research, plant testing for new hybrids through DNA co-mingling, hybrid seed testing, bio-algae, and for growing in cold climates or barren environments. All air flow is managed by proprietary oil bath fans, which contain a series of oil laden filters and traps to eliminate airborne contaminates and odors.

Up to 80% Savings in Energy Costs

Only AGT Greenhouses use an underground Natural Air Earth System to draw natural earth core air temperatures of 55 to 60 degrees to reduce energy bills by up to 80%. The natural daylighting also curbs prohibitive electric bills often associated with indoor growing using artificial light sources.

AGT Hybrid Greenhouse Advanced Features

  • Sealed, cleanroom laboratory environment guarantees the purity and safety of crops.
  • Natural Earth Air Systems help maintain ideal growing temperature.
  • Sleek, futuristic designs mean quick city approvals.
  • Daylighting control ensures optimal lighting at any time of the day.
  • Patent-pending oil bath fans eliminate airborne contaminates.
  • Sealed air cavity provides superior insulation suitable for all climates.
  • Reflective coating amplifies natural daylight.
  • Flexible layout allows for alternative uses such as office space, recreation, research, manufacturing.
  • Fast Time to Build. Can guarantee greenhouse delivery in only four months including large build outs.
  • AGT Greenhouses can be designed and built at a price that is significantly lower than existing greenhouses. Base Model 160/360/21 starts at $36/sq.ft.

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With 35 years of active building innovation and contracting, Ancon has emerged as a leader in advanced building methodology. Our newest addition is the introduction of AGT Hybrid Greenhouses powered by solar daylighting. Our history involves both private and military construction projects including aircraft hangars, warehouses, multi-story office buildings, flight simulator structures, freight terminals and medical facilities. For more information call 1-866-440-2798, or visit

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