Xabis Inc: Paving the Way to Consistency and Higher Quality

By Heather Ritchie

Xabis Inc. is a company dedicated to changing the way that society views the cannabis industry with their sophisticated cannabis processing operations. Their mission is to create consistent and quality cannabis products that are safe enough that Garret Nicodemus, COO, and co-founder of the company, says he would recommend to family members. Xabis hopes to change the way people view cannabis and the negative connotation people associate with it.

With backgrounds of Ph.D. degrees in engineering, biology, atmospheric science, chemistry, and environmental science, Xabis leads the way with cutting-edge innovations in the ever-changing cannabis industry on a global scale. This team provides the most experienced scientific experts and business professionals. With combined educations, they have over 150 years of experience ranging from small entrepreneurial start-ups to large Fortune 500 brands. Having earned a Ph.D. and MS in Biological and Chemical Engineering, Nicodemus is one of those established experts, as he possesses the knowledge to potentially make tremendous changes in society’s viewpoint on the legalization and legitimacy of cannabis.

On the precipice of something profound, Xabis’s unique position is that they only process cannabis from raw material into finished products. Nicodemus says the relationship with their clients is vital and growing and learning together is of the utmost importance to them. “Xabis operates and manages the most technically difficult processes in the cannabis life cycle: all aspects related to the extraction and manufacturing of cannabis-infused products.” They process on location at the client’s facilities as this allows the client control over the process, while using their own employees, delivering the best available product on the market.

While there are several ways to process cannabis, Nicodemus explains that they specialize in a single process, non-toxic CO2 extraction because it creates an exceptional product rated far above the rest. Xabis’s extraction efficiency exceeds industry averages and provides better purity and more substantial amounts of usable product from the feedstock.

Quality and consistency are integral parts of engineering a superior product that delivers dependable results. Xabis provides the crucial aspects that guarantee their client’s brand and reputation will be recognized by cannabis connoisseurs everywhere and help expand its notoriety across state lines to grow into a national brand.

They support clients with complete manufacturing operations and on-site extraction, product development, systems and facility design and implementation, and more. The Xabis team offers a complete solution for extracting cannabis oil and developing products with their client’s brand. The product then travels to dispensary shelves. The efficiency of the team at Xabis is what makes the entire process less stressful.

When Nicodemus speaks about Xabis’s goals and mission, it’s difficult not to be excited about the way the cannabis industry is developing into a professional medical solution as well as responsible recreational use. As the days of blindly associating cannabis use with laziness and lack of motivation fade away, the new possibilities it brings are slowly being noticed by people all over the country.

In many ways, the U.S. is behind the trend of using cannabis for health issues. The drug’s healing properties haven’t been overlooked by others over the past centuries. It’s been used in rituals and for problems like hydrophobia, infant convulsions, rheumatism, tetanus, cholera, multiple sclerosis, and motor neuron disease. Frequently, cancer patients and those with chronic illnesses, use cannabis for symptoms like nausea, anxiety, and severe pain relief.

Nicodemus says it’s a time of growth for Xabis. They look to the future to gain new partnerships and growth with clients that are like-minded that want to learn as well. Concentrates are the future of cannabis because of their efficient, potent effects and scientists like those at Xabis strive to refine their effectiveness for maximum benefit.

Nicodemus hopes that people will keep an open mind as this market develops rapidly and be aware that information gained today won’t be prevalent tomorrow. He cautions, “there is such potential for the medicine itself and what it can do for people. Before you go out and experiment and try things, educate yourself on what that product is and what company is making it.” Just because someone grew cannabis for 30 years doesn’t make them an expert.

For Nicodemus, the most significant reward is helping patients like children with illnesses that seemed to have no remedy. Parents tell him and his colleagues that they are grateful for the concentrates that gave them optimism and helped their children. At the end of the day that is why he got into the business in the first place. The experts at Xabis continue to refine the process and plan to grow and educate the world about the hope and help that cannabis brings to those that have no other options.