Dabbing CBD: Is It an Effective Method of Cannabis Consumption?

Written by Bethan Jenkins

Are you a medical cannabis patient who requires almost-instant relief from your symptoms? If you answered “yes” to this question, then you might want to consider dabbing CBD.

Also known by its scientific name, cannabidiol, CBD is just one of hundreds of naturally occurring chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. The cannabinoid boasts abundant medicinal properties, from easing chronic pain to reducing tics caused by Tourette syndrome.

Medical cannabis patients may choose to get their daily dose of CBD by ingesting oils, snacking on infused edibles or applying products topically. Although dabbing is more commonly associated with potent THC concentrates, this method of consumption is quickly becoming a preferred choice among individuals who suffer from debilitating medical conditions.

An Overview of the Dabbing Technique

Anyone who has previously heard about dabbing might conjure up images of the stereotypical stoner getting blazed in their bedroom. Don’t be fooled, however, because the target market for dabs is developing almost as quickly as the cannabis industry. Dabs have evolved from particular botanical extraction technologies first introduced to the cannabis world in the pre-20th century.

This flash vaporization technique involves the use of solvent-based cannabis extracts and special equipment, including a water pipe, torch, nail, dome and dabber. After loading up the dabber with CBD concentrates, you will need to heat the nail using a torch. Once red- hot, position the glass dome over it, before transferring the CBD from the dabber to the nail. Finally, all that is left to do is to inhale deeply and slowly.

Dabbing CBD for Quick Results

Generally, CBD concentrates (or CBD isolate) can be as much as 99% pure, making them significantly more effective as opposed to alternative methods of consumption. Compared to topicals, sublinguals and edibles, which may take hours to kick in, dabs will have you feeling medicated within just a few minutes.

Although smoking cannabis extracts might not be ideal for everyone, CBD isolate is purified to eliminate toxins, mold, mildew, fungus and heavy metals, ensuring clean puffs of smoke every time. In addition to this benefit, cannabinoids and terpenes can be delivered efficiently when the concentrated melted vapor is inhaled.

The Best Types of CBD Concentrate for Dabbing

Now that we’ve enlightened you on the subject of dabbing CBD, let’s summarize things by delving into the types of concentrate that can be used with this technique.

Highlighted below are some CBD concentrates that may act as an anticonvulsant, antiemetic and/or anti-inflammatory:

  • Wax – Get the perfect dose of CBD with refined wax. Make sure you use a tool to dab it, because this one is extra sticky.
  • Budder – Clean-burning, budder has a buttery-like consistency that can be easily applied to a dabber.
  • Shatter – Created during the last stage of BHO (Butane Hash Oil) refinement, shatter is one of the strongest concentrates.
  • Crumble – A continuously refined type of budder, this textured CBD concentrate should be molded to the coil properly to ensure you don’t lose any precious cannabinoids.
  • Crystalline – Medicate yourself with completely pure CBD by dabbing this crystal-like extract, which is isolated from CBD oil.

Important tip: Remember to buy your concentrates from a reputable supplier that has lab-tested all products for residual solvents.


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