Cannabis Cultivation 101: Grow Your Own

cannabis cultivation
Written by Grow sisters

With the legalization of cannabis slowly making headway across the United States we are seeing more automated agriculture, more fertilizers, more technology getting involved. Let’s all just look at the basics, Cannabis is a plant, much like other plants in your garden it requires water, soil, and love.

You can grow your own, your own way.

cannabis cultivationAs a farmer of this crop, you may be asking yourself why would Siobhan tell us to grow our own? Here’s why, because you can. You can cultivate your own medicinal crop within your state’s regulations. If not at least grow your own victory garden and learn the ways of the plants so that when (and it will) become legal in your state you will be ready for your own cannabis plant. By growing your own medicine you will know the farmer, have a solid guarantee it’s organic and enjoy falling in love with the cannabis cultivation process. Which is quite magic by the way.

As second generation cannabis farmer, this is my suggestion to you- keep it simple. Learn to compost tea, educate yourself on the growing season for your area and enjoy. There are so many fertilizer companies in the industry now it’s difficult to tell them apart. Some are very expensive water and salt in a plastic waste container. Why spend money when you have everything you need right at home just waiting to be composted!? Jeff Lowenfels collection of books will be a great addition to your collection when referencing compost tea. (link)

Cannabis is an annual which means it grows, produces, and dies. Researching your area’s optimal growing season is as simple as going down to your local gardening store and becoming friends with local gardeners. There is no need to buy lighting when you have the glorious free sunlight that blesses us with life each day.

Finally, enjoy your time with all your plants. This life is magic and it grows right before our very eyes. Do your research on your state’s regulations and follow the guidelines. There’s no need to dump large amounts of money into your garden, you will be surprised at how much you can get from simply so little, And Always remember you can grow your own way.

This post was written by Siobhan Darwish, one of two amazing second generation growers that can be found on Instagram @grow.sisters and on their YouTube Channel linked above.

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The Grow Sisters are made up of two sisters, Siobhan and Sloan. We own and operate Blessed Coast Farms, Humboldt Counties first legal cannabis farm, and we are second generation farmers. We are honored to share our life, instructional YouTube videos and our knowledge with you! http://bit.ly/2pO9T6z

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