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Written by Casey Walsh

More and more today we see old and in some cases ancient technology being used in processing cannabis. From CO2 to Rosin, all these methods have been used in botanical processing at one point in time or another.  I think most cannabis plant processors respect the fact that they’re using technology utilized and created by our forefathers and fathers, fathers, father.

However, we still search and wait for someone to announce that the newest and most advanced extraction technology is here and that it is cost efficient and produces the highest yields ever known. I can not guarantee you that, but here is a newer extraction company that was brought to my attention, IDCO Microwave Technology produces The E200 Extractor.  

I watched the video clip above and all I could think about was Back to the Future. How Doc would lock in the bi-fuel for the flux capacitor before he would exit time. Microwave Technology and Ultra Sonic Vibrations make up the science behind The EXTRACTOR 200.  

The EXTRACTOR 200 is developed by IDCO in partnership with REUS. REUS is an industry leader who primarily focuses on innovative and high tech technology specially designed for plant extraction. A full set of features and options gives this machine unequaled performances and homogenous treatment throughout the incredibly short, inexpensive, eco-friendly process. The adjustable stirring and options like being able to obtain samples throughout the process gives high-tech labs a wide range of extraction possibilities allowing you to optimize the process, yield, and extraction speed. Overall, I must say this is very intriguing. I have no hands on with this particular piece of equipment.  But I hear great things in regards to overall efficiency.

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Casey Walsh

I was born in San Mateo, California but grew up in Portland, Oregon. I have always had a passion for cannabis and its capabilities to heal and help reduce anxiety. I moved to LA when I was in my mid 20s where I worked in television production for 2 years, but my passion was still in cannabis. I soon returned to Portland hoping to get back in touch with my roots and cannabis connections. It was then that I started Miyagi Extracts in Oregon with two of my best friends and never looked back. Eventually I moved on to work for another legal concentrate company in SE Portland where I processed using Sub Zero light hydrocarbon closed loop extractors, Julabo rotary evaporators, and a Pope Scientific Short Path Wiped Film Molecular still for separation of Terpenes, Cannabinoids, and undesirables. I currently work as an extraction account executive for Terpenes and Testing Magazine and do product sales for and extraction company called CEID who are based out of San Diego CA.

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