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Enhancing Taste with Terpenes: How to Increase Terpene Production

Cannabis is kind of like cheese – the stinkier the better.

Nothing beats finding potent cannabis flower that tastes as sublime as it smells. If you’re a cultivator, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re in control of terpene production.

What does this mean, you ask? Well, these aromatic compounds are responsible for tickling your nose hairs and teasing your taste buds each time you pop open a jar of nostril-widening green nuggets. By applying the following techniques, you could potentially bolster the terpene content of your cannabis!

Understanding Terpene Biosynthesis

The more you know, the better you’ll grow. According to researchers at the University of British Columbia, [1] knowledge of the genomics and gene functions associated with terpene biosynthesis could aid with the genetic improvement of cannabis terpene profiles. Not only can domestication and selective breeding promote changes in terpene profiles but also in their quantities. [2]

Maintain a Comfortable Temperature

Don’t stress your plants out by overheating them! Maintain a comfortable and controlled temperature ranging from 25°C/77°F – 27°C/80°F. Pay attention to this during the last few weeks of the flowering stage, because terpene production will hit its peak at this time. During the night, encourage purple/pink tones and extra terpenes by keeping the temperature at around 16°C/60°F.

Grow Cannabis in Nutrient-rich Soil

Hydroponic grows are advantageous in many ways, but soil-grown cannabis is guaranteed to produce a more potent, powerful and palatable terpene profile. Consider growing your cannabis in aerated compost tea (ACT), as this solution is rich in nutrients and microorganisms that can be used to enhance organic plant cultivation. [3]

Limit Nutrient Feeding at the Final Flowering Stage

A large quantity of terpenes is contained within the bud itself. Nitrogen overload may hinder bud development. Control nutrient intake and flush the cannabis in the last two weeks of flowering.

Dry Your Bud Properly

The drying stage of cannabis cultivation is incredibly influential on the final product’s terpene content. Set aside 2-3 weeks to dry your bud in a fairly cool environment. If the temperature is too hot, those fragrant oils that you’re trying to maximize could evaporate! Low humidity is a must for ensuring the cannabis plant yields a desirably distinct terpene profile.


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