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Mace Media Group and The Physicians CBD Council enter into a strategic alliance to launch the Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine.

The Physicians CBD Council becomes the Medical Editorial Board of the new Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine that will be published and launched in 2022 by the Mace Media Group.


The Physicians CBD Council LLC today entered into an agreement with Mace Media Group to be the Medical Editorial Board and Peer Reviews of a new medical journal that will be published twice a year beginning in May 2022. The new Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine will cover exclusively research, studies and articles related to cannabis and its cannabinoid components.

Founded by Dr. Dung Trinh, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Irvine Clinical Research and Astiva Health, The Physicians Cannabinoid (CBD) Council was launched in 2020 and is composed of physicians, PhDs, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners who excel in their primary field of specialty while choosing to spend time educating their patients and supporting the emerging field of cannabis research for potential therapeutic health benefits.

“The mission of the Physicians CBD Council is to Promote, Educate and Collaborate for the advancement of cannabis medical research and to bring safety to consumers, so becoming the partner of Mace Media Group to manage the new Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine was right in line with our mission.” Says Helene Blanchette, President of the Physicians CBD Council.   

Mace Media Group is no stranger to the cannabis industry. Celeste Miranda, the founder and CEO, and her team are the producers of the well-established CBD Expo Tour deployed across the United States.  They also already publish the respected CBD Health and Wellness magazine, both online and paper format.

“I am honored to have the Physicians CBD Council join us in our efforts to launch the Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine. As a Journal, this affiliation will set us apart from any other, providing incredible validation from physicians, researchers, and scientists. It’s a joint effort of forte’s to bring what will be an integral part of this industry to fruition. I’m excited to play our part, work with the Physicians CBD Council and produce a publication that will change and progress the course of wellness.” says Celeste Miranda, Founder and CEO of the Mace Media Group.

The more research and trials are being made on cannabis and the more evidence is unveiled on the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoid compounds (more than 100 compounds), on diseases and body disbalances. We now know that the endocannabinoid system, discovered in Israel in the 1990’s, is as important as the rest of our biological systems, such as the endocrinological system or the cardiovascular system, hence it is essential to join forces to bring to light the different studies and research being conducted. We strongly believe in the medicinal benefits of cannabis derived products, but also care to educate on the potential misuse or side effects.

Each Journal will contain seven to nine articles that will have been evaluated, assessed and reviewed by the Editorial Board members.  The Editorial Office, whose mandate is to do a triage of the articles, will evaluate the worthiness of the submissions prior to assigning the selected articles to the editors and reviewers.  In all, twelve MDs and PHDs will be part of the process, supported by knowledge experts and medical students.

“The quality and diversity of the colleague physicians and PHDs who are confirmed on the board is nothing short of remarkable, we could not hope for a better team, who brings a wealth of knowledge on cannabis.” says Dr. Dung Trinh, founder of the Physicians CBD Council.  The Editorial Board Members’ expertise span from general medical practitioners, autism specialists, psychiatrists to chemistry experts and doctors in pharmacology, all coming together with the same goal of advancing the medical research and education on Cannabis.


The following members form the Medical Cannabinoid Journal Editorial Board:

Dr. Dung Trinh, Chief Medical Officer of Irvine Clinical Clinic and Astiva Health and Founder of the Physicians CBD Council.

Dr. David L. Nathan,
Harvard Graduate, Psychiatrist and Founder of the Doctors for Cannabis Regulations (DFCR).

Dr. Jennifer Anderson,
Family Physician and Cannabinoid specialist, featured in Courage in Cannabis book, and respected for her work on autism and children with epilepsy.

Dr. Mary Clifton
, MD, board-certified, licensed, internal medicine doctor and recognized Expert in CBD and cannabis.

Dr. Najifa Choudhury,
PharmD, Ambulatory Care Pharmacist, CBD Educator, Plant Medicine Advocate with a specialty in geriatric.

Dr. Ruth Fisher
, PhD, technology specialist and Co-Founder at CannDynamics, Inc.

Dr. Pegah Panahi,
Pharm D, CEO of Hempeutics,  deep knowledge about pharmaceuticals, herbalism and alternative medicine. Worked with patients to help them off addictive meds.

Raymond K.J. Chang, M.D. from University of Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis. Medical Director of South County Kidney and Endocrine Center. Diplomate of the American College of Endocrinology, Nephrology, Lipidology and Internal Medicine.

Dr. Hoa Nguyen
, Board-certified internist in multiple settings including in the ER, hospital, long-term acute care, and specializes in substance use disorder to get off opioid, alcohol, etc.

Terry Reyes, (
Maria Theresa Manalese-Reyes), DNP is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Family Medicine and non-surgical skin rejuvenation therapy.

Dr. Chelsea Nguyen
, Cum Laude alum of University of California Northstate, College of Pharmacy and has over 10 years of experience working in community pharmacies

Helene Blanchette
, MBA, President of the physicians CBD Council, board member, speaker, author and respected business leader.


Supporting Experts and Medical Students:

Jake Felice, ND, LMP cannabis author, clinician, educator and consultant in medical cannabis. graduate of Bastyr University

Isobel Tweedt
, First-year medical student at Western University COMP. She graduated from the UCLA Honors College in 2021 with her degree in Psychobiology.

Stone Holtzman
, First-year medical student at Western University COMP. Bachelor’s degree in biology and biotechnology from Saint Vincent College in 2020.


About MACE Media Group:
MACE Media Group produces many trade events including The Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with the Original CBD Expo, Psychedelic Medicine Conference, and Extraction Expo. MACE Media Group is also the largest publisher in the cannabinoid space. Its premiere title, Terpenes and Testing Magazine, was the first industry trade publication devoted to cannabis science. Its sister publications, CBD Health & Wellness Magazine, and Extraction Magazine revolve around the growing cannabinoid industry to provide news on trending applications, medical research, and updates with laws and regulations.


About The Physicians CBD Council:
The Physicians Cannabinoid Council started in 2020 and is composed of physicians and nurse practitioners’ medical board of advisors who excel in their primary field of specialty while choosing to spend time educating their patients and supporting the emerging field of cannabis research for potential therapeutic health benefits. Our board of advisors includes specialists in the field of family medicine, internal medicine, rheumatology, pain management, endocrinology, psychiatry and nephrology.


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Physicians CBD Council
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Tel (USA): +1 949-315-9542

MACE Media Group
Celeste Miranda
Tel (USA): +1 805-600-2999

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