Magical Butter Machine 2e Cannabis Extractor

cannabis extractor
Written by Cara Wietstock

The power of cannabis extraction right on our kitchen counter.

Recently the team at the Magical Butter announced their newest Magical Butter Chocolate, the newest innovation from the cannabis edibles trendsetters. To celebrate their achievement we wanted to review the classic Magical Butter Machine 2e (MB2e). This personal herbal extraction machine fits in on any kitchen counter and is so popular that it’s currently on backorder. The machine can make oil, butter, tincture, soup, sauce, salad dressings, skin care products, pet medicines, and even more.

In our brand new MB2e box we get a large pitcher sized appliance, the top fitted with a blade that cuts and agitates the herbs we place inside. Also included are the Purify filters, The Love Glove, an owner’s manual and a cookbook. It is available in throughout North America and functions with at 11oV plug. These items take out any need for a crock pot, electric herb grinder, and even cheesecloth when making a cannabis butter extraction. As the first countertop herbal extractor, the MB2e isn’t just for weed, it can work with any type of herbs and flowers for a versatile end-product.

cannabis extractor

Using the MB2e is easy, too. The handle on the lid makes it simple to lift it off of the main chamber despite the lid being a little heavy. Just place the herbs and chosen carrier oil into the main chamber and lower the lid back down onto the chamber. Plug in the unit to a wall socket and select the proper buttons on the lid. Select the desired temperature between ‘No Heat’, 130°F, 160°F, 190°F, and 220°F. The addition of a temperature cuts out the need to decarboxylate the buds, saving dishes and workload from our edibles game.

After we’ve chosen our temperature we can select a time to cook using the buttons labeled ‘1 Hour – Oil’, ‘2 Hours – Butter’, ‘4 Hours – Tincture’, ‘8 Hours’, and ‘Blend – Clean’. Select the proper button based on the desired action. After we’ve selected our settings the LED lights will run around the lid in rainbow colors while cooking, and all we have to do is wait until the extraction is complete. Once finished extracting, put on the Love Glove and filter the oil and herb mixture through the Purify filters. A few filters will help get any sediment out of the mixtures. Pour the butter or coconut oil into Magical Butter molds for measured sticks of medicated cannabis butter.

The Magical Butter Machine 2e turns any home cook into a professional cannabis chef. It is so easy to use that it makes experimenting with new types of homemade cannabis extractions simpler than ever.

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