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Terpene Communication Among Cannabis Crops

cannabis crops
Written by Shasta Nelson

Plants Helping Plants

This may sound like science fiction, but as the say: truth is stranger than fiction. It’s been long theorized that plants have a form of communicating among themselves. Not the way you and I communicate obviously, but something more subtle: plants have been found to be communicating using terpenes.


By releasing different terpenes plants can warn one another about pests, and those terpenes, in turn, stimulate the production of other chemical elements (including more terpenes) to ward off the potential threat.


The process of planting different types of crops alongside each other has long been known to increase the overall health of the plants. Your plants will benefit from a diverse community; especially sun-grown cannabis crops as the ability to limit exposure to pests is reduced.


Some companion plants for cannabis crops include:

Marigolds- Excellent for repelling pests in any garden, and just plain pretty as well these fail-proof flowers are less delicate than they look.

cannabis crops


Legumes- Beans provide much-needed nitrogen to the plants, and can also become a tasty gardening snack. If beans aren’t your thing, tilling the whole plants into the soil works just as well. The whole plant can simply be mulched prior to planting your cannabis.


Garlic- I’m a huge fan of this anti-fungal, pest-repelling, delicious plant. Some garlic planted or even used topically will provide extra protection, and don’t worry your plants won’t taste like an Italian dinner.


It doesn’t even end there, try doing research for your specified climate zone, and see what helpful crops you can combine with your medicinal garden. So this year, before you buy fancy insecticides or nitrogen supplements, try a few companion plants instead. You will get more than just healthier cannabis, you will have other treats to enjoy and share as well. 


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Shasta Nelson

Author and cannabis connoisseur Shasta Nelson was born and raised in the foothills of Northern California. She’s been involved in the cannabis industry at many levels from managing a delivery service, to studying and reporting on cannabis culture & news at DOPE Magazine. Her favorite strains are Candyland, Roses, and OG Kush and her favorite Terps are Pinene and Linalool.
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