Terpenes and Testing Magazine Appoints Dr. Jason S. Lupoi as Interim Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Lupoi Brings Analytical Understanding of Cannabis Science to Popular Trade Publication

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — February 12, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ — MACE Media Group, publishers of Terpenes and Testing Magazine, today announced the appointment of Jason S. Lupoi, Ph.D. as its interim editor-in-chief.  With his deep understanding of analytical chemistry, quality control, and cannabis science, Dr. Lupoi will oversee the editorial direction of the magazine and highlight contributions made to the scientific research and development of cannabis-based products.

“Terpenes and Testing Magazine has given me an opportunity to share the stories of cutting-edge science and technology generated from passionate artisans,” said Dr. Lupoi.  “For me, it’s the perfect amalgamation of my heroes, Dr. Carl Sagan, and Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, the former of which was a master at bringing science to the masses, and the latter who really shouldn’t need any description at all. I’m honored to help capture and disseminate a snapshot of the rapidly evolving cannabis industry via this important publication, and to continue comprehensively covering the fascinating arena of cannabis science.”

Dr. Lupoi earned a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at Iowa State University, where he combined his passion for and allegiance to evaluating plants using diverse analytical tools, such as spectroscopy, creating a line of research that resulted in two postdoctoral appointments for the University of Queensland/Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and the National Renewable Energy Lab.  The aspiration of these projects was to identify plants possessing ideal phenotypic traits suitable for conversion to bio-based fuels and materials.

Dr. Lupoi has led research projects focused on the design of multivariate analysis data models for the rapid screening of a diverse array of plants, including cannabis.  He serves as a technical expert at the RJ Lee Group, Inc. for auditing and approving cannabis testing laboratories, and is also a member of the Research Advisory Committee for the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society.

“Dr. Lupoi brings the highest level of scientific expertise to our readership and access to some of the most fascinating research taking place in the study of medicinal cannabis.  This new appointment elevates not only our mission to deliver the very best content to our readers, but adds scientific and analytical data reporting that no other cannabis trade publication can provide. Dr. Lupoi is a tremendous asset to the Terpenes and Testing team,” said Celeste Miranda, owner of MACE Media Group.

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