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Just last week, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC-QB: CNBX) announced that they would be opening a genetics lab. This Tel Aviv cannabis research laboratory will focus on developing diagnostic tools based on the human genome, tumor genetics, and cannabinoids. 

Cannabics has been immersed in pharmaceutical R&D through their subsidiary Grin Ultra, a licensed Israeli company since 2014. Since that year the Israeli Ministry of Health has granted them the go-ahead for cannabinoid based research. Their research is based on developing cannabinoid medicine specifically for cancer patients. Currently, they administer cannabis in pill form to cancer patients as a treatment for their lack of appetite in one ongoing clinical study. In the wings are two more studies mean to help ease the devastating symptoms of cancer treatment. 

This new laboratory will only help them on their quest to improving the Quality of Life (QoL) of their patients. Taking point on the genetic research for Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is Dr. Moran Grinberg their new Vice President of R&D. Grinberg has a Ph.D. in Virology and MSc in clinical pharmacology. She also brings vast experience in conceptualizing and then successfully executing pharmacological research.

Dr. Eyal Ballan Co-founder and CTO of Cannabics said, “Our mission is to commercialize a wide range of diagnostic tools that incorporate novel technologies to retrieve better outcomes of cannabinoid treatments. Understanding the genetics of cancer-cannabinoids relations complements our CTC cell count and drug sensitivity capabilities. We are pleased to have Dr. Moran Grinberg on our team and look forward to joining forces.”

With their newest addition to the team, Cannabics will continue tailoring their naturally derived cannabinoid formulations and diagnostics to individual cancer patients. These natural therapies are supported by screening systems and personalized bioinformatics tools. Tools that will only get more advanced with the addition of Dr. Grinberg at the head of the cannabis genetics laboratory.

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