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Coalition for Medical Cannabis Joins with Newly Formed Lead Group, Floridians Against Recreational Marijuana, to Protect Medical Cannabis in Florida

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Lead Alliance created to protect Floridians from the significant problems suffered by other states that have rushed to legalize recreational [cannabis].

The Coalition for Medical Cannabis announced today that it will join with the newly formed lead organization – Floridians Against Recreational Marijuana which was filed today to consolidate efforts and provide a uniform front for what is anticipated to be a tough battle. The new filing solidifies a coalition that has been preparing over the last few months to oppose efforts to legalize recreational [cannabis]. With mounting evidence that the vast majority of these programs have been unsuccessful in other states, it is important for Floridians to understand what’s at stake. Now that the “official” group is aligned, any stakeholder interested in helping to ensure Florida does not make the significant mistake other states have, has a voice that they can join.

“The Coalition for Medical Cannabis is pleased to partner with and support efforts of Floridians to protect medical cannabis in its early stage and ensure that Florida doesn’t join the growing list of states dealing with issues of poorly conceived recreational [cannabis] programs,” said Bob Ellsworth Executive Director of Coalition for Medical Cannabis. “We are pleased that Florida now has established the official lead group to oppose the efforts. They have the right group and leadership to deliver a successful outcome.  We are committed to help Floridians Against Recreational Marijuana (FARM) succeed.”

Over the next couple months, the alliance will continue to bring together groups that care about Florida’s future. As the campaign builds out, the group is expected to include hundreds of statewide and community-based organizations, along with national groups like the Coalition for Medical Cannabis.

“Now that the groups are aligned behind a uniform platform, we will be able to effectively make the appropriate campaign to help Florida residents understand what a mistake it would be to support this initiative,” said Brian Swenson, Floridians Against Recreational Marijuana, Executive Director. “While legalization would provide significant revenue opportunities for a select few, it would do so to the detriment of Florida as a whole.”

Other efforts to stop these programs have not had the benefit of the substantial evidence that we have today. Once all aspects are seen in the light of day the opposition group grows significantly, these non-traditional groups will join with FARM to ensure that all effected stakeholders have a voice.

The Coalition for Medical Cannabis is a Washington, D.C. Based 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization which fights to preserve the tremendous potential of medical cannabis. We are fighting every day for a safe, strong, accountable, regulated approach to advancing the medical cannabis industry.  We work closely with doctors, patients and legislators on both the national and state level.

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