Orange Photonics Announces Distribution Partnership

Written by Cara Wietstock

At Terpenes and Testing magazine we have talked to a variety of companies are hoping to create cannabis analyzers that are more accessible to industry players that aren’t working in a cannabis testing lab. Orange Photonics Light Lab™ is a portable cannabis analyzer that uses a modified version of High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to analyze the potency of cannabis flowers and extracts.

Most recently, Orange Photonics has paired with CW Analytical in a distribution partnership. Emily Richardson, Vice President of Business Development for CW Analytical, pontificated on the necessity for a product like Light Lab™ in the industry, “Turnaround time is a huge pain point for our clients. Whether it’s an extractor making a purchasing decision on trim, or a grower refining a breeding program, LightLab™ offers an accurate and affordable way to measure Cannabinoid content on-site, without the time and logistics involved with getting a sample to our lab.”

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This new option for various segments of business in the cannabis industry creates a reliable, affordable, and consistent potency testing supplement for the already boisterous cannabis testing lab offerings from CW Analytical. Essentially, a grower or extraction technician can cultivate their methods in-house, running the machines from extraction to testing without shipping samples out to the lab.


“We’re thrilled to finally evaluate a portable analytical machine that measures analytes based upon a reference standard rather than a reference database currently used by portable infrared technologies,” CW Analytical CEO Dr. Robert Martin is confident in the technology presented in the Orange Photonics LightLab™, “This new machine has passed all of our testing trials with flying colors and is both reliable and affordable. We look forward to creating a new company to offer sales and user support for this exciting technology.”

Clients of CW Analytical can now test their product’s potency in-house and then send out samples to verify potency along with pesticides, heavy metals, etc. once the methods have been solidified. The team at Orange Photonics are delighted with the ability to work with the well-known California laboratory in hopes of getting their technology to as many growers and extractors as possible.

“We are pleased to work with CW Analytical. Their commitment to analytical excellence and exceptional customer service makes them a natural partner for Orange Photonics,” says Stephanie McArdle, President of Orange Photonics. “Our customers will benefit from CW’s deep understanding of cannabis business operations and the opportunity to boost efficiency by integrating real-time quality control data from LightLab™.”

California is on the cusp of setting the most rigid testing standards in the world. Standards such as these may push smaller testing labs out of business in the state, but they could also make in-house testing kits into a more regularly used machine in cannabis gardens and extraction labs.



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