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Light Matters but controlling true full color spectrum matters most. First tunable, programmable true full color spectrum LED light for indoor horticulture selected by Mighty Hydro for its first retail launch

Los Angeles, September 15th, 2020

Small, craft and residential growers are overlooked by LED lighting companies. Tune’s plug and play lighting and easy to use full color spectrum controls levels the playing field between small and craft growers and large commercial growers.  Tune supports the residential craft grower with pre-programmed lighting recipes and schedules to eliminate lighting complexity, time and cost from the grow cycle.

Under the partnership, Mighty Hydro will distribute Tune LED lighting solutions to growers throughout Southern California, starting in September. Why? Mighty Hydro has vetted many LED lighting solutions and after testing Tune’s smart lighting controls, concludes Tune’s Maestro is best in breed in the tunable lighting category because they are the only company that enables growers to control, program and automate full color spectrum changes over a cultivars desired run time.  Mighty Hydro’s testing of Tune’s Maestro  also supports that achieving  increased yield, even growth across the canopy, consistent product quality, and shorter  grow cycles  are all made easier by Tune’s controls—all for a comparable price to current light offerings that more than pays for itself in the first year.

“Partnering with Mighty hydro allows us to reach more growers across California and the West,” said FitzJohn Flynn, President of Tune.  “We are proud to partner with a company dedicated to helping California residential and commercial customers achieve optimal cultivation results. ”Tune has been fortunate to develop its lighting solutions with top shelf cannabis flower growers in Southern California. So, it made perfect sense for Mighty Hydro, the market leader, to be our first retail partner.”

“Mighty Hydro is dedicated to vetting emerging technologies to help growers access the latest and proven smart agriculture technology and research”, said Joven Esteves, General Manager of Mighty Hydro. “Smart data centric systems are next.  Tune’s high-quality LED lights and software allows growers to program color spectrum recipes, schedules, and changes on site or through the cloud.  Mighty Hydro is excited to bring Tune to market as part of a turnkey smart grow kit that supports growers through all stages of growth.”

The kit available from Mighty Hydro includes:

  • (4) Maestro LED
    • (1) 5′ x 5′ Gorilla Grow Tent
    • (1) The Soil King Big Rootz, 1.5 cu
    • (4) Premium Nursery Pot 3 Gal
    • (4) Green Premium Plastic Saucer
    • (1) Veg+ Bloom Dirty, 1lb

Photos and Logos are available for the Free and Unrestricted use HERE.

For more information, please visit and×5-maestro-tent-package/

Tune’s overview video:

Media Contact: Megaphone Media

Name: Kyle Carmone

Phone: (917) 771-6781



TUNE is the leading developer of smart tunable full color spectrum LED grow lights for any stage of plant growth.  TUNE LEDs are superior to fixed spectrum artificial lights as they can be programmed to trigger plant growth, fruit, flower, and seed at the optimal maturation time for best outcomes.  The programmability of color spectrum and light intensity increase plant health and protects plants from going into shock as they transition from vegetative to flower and increase plant health as they do with fixed spectrum artificial lights that have limited controls or rely on one channel and only two or three LED colors.  TUNE’s advanced controls and proprietary drivers utilize 4 channels and 6 wavelengths that control 6 LED colors, so growers can easily and intuitively adjust blend and fade true color spectrum. Growers can program low intensity color combinations to emulate sunrise and sunset color spectrums and high intensity output during midafternoon hours and increased intensity during late stage flower.   Tune’s LED lighting can be pre-programmed before they are shipped, programmed on site or through the cloud.  TUNE’s MAESTRO cracks the code of providing true full color spectrum at the  highest light intensity output while also exceeding DLC (Design Lights Consortium) requirements for efficacy.   Tune customers can turn their facilities into a DLC 4.0 certified networked energy monitoring solution that meets the toughest building codes and maximizes two categories of incentives and rebates offered by local utilities for LED grow lights and controls.


Centrally located in San Diego, Mighty specializes in hydroponics, indoor gardening and organics.  From lighting to nutrients and everything in between, Mighty offers the latest cultivation solutions.  No grow is too large or too small for us.   We pride ourselves in providing the growing community with resources and experience afforded by over 10 years of service. Mighty is owned and staffed by seasoned members of the community we aim to serve.  In Mighty, you’ll find those that understand what it means to sow seed by your own hand, struggle, learn, and enjoy the fruit it bears.  We know that the harvest is richer when you know what went into it.  Here we are fully aware that our success rests upon the success of every garden we supply.

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