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Learn how cannabis can spark your creativity and expand your imagination!

Cannabis has long been used and revered for its many benefits, from its widely acknowledged medical applications to its commonly accepted
ability to help people relax. And now, with more and more states and countries legalizing marijuana usage for all purposes, we’re finally
reaching a tipping point where cannabis is achieving a level of mainstream acceptance and usage, especially among artists.

In Cannabis for Creatives: How 32 Artists Enhance and Sustain Inspiration [9781681986951; $25; Rocky Nook; January 2022],
photographer and cannabis advocate Jordana Wright details what you need to know to take full advantage of cannabis’s potential in your
creative work.

Beginning with the basics (how cannabis grows, how it is ingested, and the nuances of variety), Cannabis for Creatives tells the history of its
usage and all the pertinent details of the plant itself—lineage, strains, appearance, flavor, terpenes, and the types of high you can experience.
Wright also discusses the neuroscience of cannabis use, including how it affects the brain and how science measures creativity.

Many established and aspiring artists have looked to cannabis use to aid in their creation—whether to expand the imagination, connect disparate ideas, take artistic risks, or myriad other ways to create and generate work.

For this book, Wright sat down to interview more than 30 artists, including photographers, sculptors, painters, writers, musicians, and chefs, and learn how these artists have used cannabis in their work— including what strains work best for them—and how it has helped them
become more creative, increase their artistic output, and have creative breakthroughs. The book also features a series of creative prompts that you can use as you explore your own creative work and processes, with or without cannabis.

“The experience of writing this book and engaging with this impressive collection of artists has confirmed some of my beliefs about pot, triggered new ideas about creativity, and reinforced the notion that something as magical as the act of artistic creation deserves at least a little experimentation with this mind-expanding and clarity-inducing super-plant we call cannabis, pot, weed, ganja, herb, chronic, and a
variety of other names,” Wright says. “If cannabis can help you rekindle that spark of imagination to explore and enjoy the inner workings of
your mind and the world around you, then it just might be the most precious creative resource you will ever find. Whether you’re a chef, a
painter, or a person with plenty of creative energy with no idea where to start, thank you for joining me on this adventure and for being open to exploring your own creative journeys with cannabis.”

Cannabis for Creatives features artist interviews and profiles, including:

  • Chef Juerg Federer
  • Musician Ray Benson
  • Writer Daniela Valdez;
  • Sculpture artist Michael Marras;
  • Art Director Carlos Mandelaveitia
  • Pianist Christopher O’Riley
  • Multidisciplinary artist Garrett Shore
  • Visual Artist Anna Pollock
  • Visual Artist Nelson Ruger
  • Author and activist Nathaniel C. Hunter
  • Musician Kenton Williams;
  • Multidisciplinary artist Nikki Barber
  • Visual artist Dope Chief
  • Recording engineer and musician Barrett Guzaldo
  • Chef Kael Mendoza
  • Musician Mark Karan
  • Photographer and performer Colton Clifford
  • Theatre director and professor Robert Poehler
  • Multidisciplinary artist Mark McDowell
  • Entrepreneur and photographer Kay Villamin


About the Author
JORDANA WRIGHT is a photographer, writer, educator, and travel enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the photography industry. She enjoys developing photography curriculum and working with aspiring photographers of all ages both in workshops and in the classroom. Jordana is the author of The Enthusiast’s Guide To Travel Photography, and her photographs and articles have appeared in a variety of publications and websites including the New York Times.
Originally from New York City, she spent two nomadic decades exploring the United States before moving to the Cayo District of Belize, where she lives in the jungle with her husband and rescue pup, Holiday. For more information about her pursuits, visit or find her on Instagram and Facebook.


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