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PERFECT Gets Hot with Sexpot. Coming April 2022

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Perfect releasing its newest cannabis blend to provide connection and euphoria while enabling control, clarity.

LOS ANGELES, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Many people would like to get high, but fewer want to get stoned.

On Friday April 8, 2022, Perfect Herbal Blends, Inc. ( is releasing its latest proprietary infused cannabis blend, Sexpot, which focuses on connection, euphoria and relaxation, with some controls built in.


Cannabis Brand Perfect Blends Announces Release of Newest Blend Sexpot


“A Formula 1 car has a seatbelt. So does Sexpot,” says Michael Backes, Perfect Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “In designing a formulation for intimacy, the goal is to deliver a delightful effect. Not stoned, not sloppy. Simply high, connected and lucid.”

This newest addition to their lineup is Perfect’s first to be formulated with a blend of rare cannabis flowers that tames the THC effect – encouraging the ability to have a welcome experience, while enabling clarity and control.

“I started from scratch, using all I’ve learned about tempering the effects of THC.” Backes adds. “Sexpot contains an entourage of rare cannabinoids and terpenes to offset unwanted effects. This formulation is ideal for those that don’t like the side effects of regular cannabis such as self-consciousness, anxiety and paranoia. Sexpot eliminates that.”

“We’re paying attention to everyone,” says Mo Isern, Perfect Co-Founder and VP of Brand Strategy and Marketing. “People ask who our target market is. Who wants more agency over their cannabis experience? A new or returning consumer who is more canna-wary for sure – but anyone and everyone.”

Dean Hollander, Co-Founder and CEO of Perfect, says, “This underscores the principal advantage Perfect has in the market in that we can formulate our products for distinct effects. We were able to bring a completely new and unique variety to market in a fraction of the time it would take to breed cultivars.”

Sexpot is available in a mini preroll 3-pack and 3g jar of loose blended flower with a small-dose micropipe.

Available 4/8/22 for delivery direct to California consumers on www.perfect-blends.comFrom April 18-22, Get $42 Off + Free Shipping with $142 Minimum Order. Promo Code PERFECT420.



Perfect designs blended formulations using 100% cannabis and cannabis oil, combined with breakthrough terpene preservation methods resulting in extended shelf life and product consistency. Rated #1 on Proper, Perfect blends terpene-rich cannabis varieties to do what no single plant or strain can do.

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