Rosin Press Review: 2017 Buyers Guide

rosin press
Written by Casey Walsh

Buying a rosin press is made less stressful with our review of the five best models on the market.

Making rosin is quickly one of the most popular ways to extract the botanical oils from the cannabis plant. Utilizing pressure and heat a press extracts wax without any solution. This is why buying a rosin press is a must for tons of dabbers and extractors across the country. These are the five that we recommend for the best all around user experience and finished product.

  • PurePressure’s Pikes Peak Rosin Press

The Pikes Peak rosin press is a “purpose-built machine” that was engineered from the ground up to produce the highest quality rosin possible. Each press is manufactured in Denver, Colorado, with the highest quality components available including their custom fabricated 5-ton pneumatic oil-less and maintenance free cylinder. The Pikes Peak rosin press is guaranteed to never have a structural failure and features an ultra durable powder coated steel frame. Most importantly it offers full and precise digital control over every variable of the rosin extraction process, ensuring that once you find the optimal settings for your material, you can repeat them over and over with ease.The Pikes Peak rosin press is the first fully controllable commercial grade rosin press that is designed for both professional lab extractors and caregivers alike. PurePressure’s rosin press helps solve the problem of being able to produce solvent-less rosin at scale, which is in high demand across the country. Finally, the Pikes Peak rosin press offers a solution to the problem of predictability when extracting rosin – you can easily replicate your results time and time again, ensuring that any user can achieve the same results consistently and deliver products that are top notch without having to worry.

rosin press

Pikes Peak Rosin Press from Pure Pressure

  • Rosin Tech Products

Rosin Tech Products Gold Series Pneumatic Heat Press is another top quality Rosin Press that out classes its competitors with a complete commercial quality, business grade heat press at an unbeatable price. Every mechanical and technical detail has been developed with precision. Set your desired pressure, temperature and time and use the button to press your rosin. If something should go wrong at any moment hit the Scram button and the press will disengage. This press provides complete end-to-end even pressure and heating.

  • Rosin Technologies

Rosin Technologies Pneumatic Heat Press is the first of its kind. Much ahead of time this press is designed, engineered and manufactured inside the United States specifically for the extraction of essential oils. With adjustable and accurately calibrated heat platens, an air filter/regulator system for pressure control and an adjustable downstroke speed, this machine gives the operator some of the most precise technology available to control every aspect of the extraction. Rosin Technologies has assured operator safety through an OSHA certified two hand safety tie down design. The owner/technician can be proud to operate on the most technologically advanced equipment in the field. The press is now available to purchase.

  • NugSmasher Pro

The NugSmasher Pro is a 20 Ton Pneumatic (or manual) operated Rosin Press manufactured and assembled in Corona, CA. The NugSmasher Pro is a flexible system offering 3 different platen size options with custom platen options available if needed. The machine comes standard with our Big Boy plates at 7″ x 10″. Optionally, the Pro can be outfitted with our split plate design with two 10″ x 2.5″ plates or our multi-pad style setup featuring 6 individual 2.5″ x 3″ plates. Matched alignment/centering racks are available for each platen type to make loading a breeze and ensure your material stays in place as you lift the press.

  • EZ Squeeze

Easily press your flower or fine material into the highest quality solventless products with EZ squeeze pneumatic press using high pressure and low heat. The EZ Squeeze has a commercial grade cylinder that can press with up to 4000 pounds of downward force providing you with up to 500 PSI at the dual digitally controlled 2″x 4″ heat plates. Just fill your favorite filter bag with your desired material, place it on a piece of parchment paper, fold, squeeze and done! No need to “purge” any harmful solvents or chemicals, your extract is ready to use.

rosin press

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