5 Rules to Live By When Rosin Press Shopping

rosin press
Written by Casey Walsh

Having a rosin press is a must for any extraction connoisseur, this guide will help anyone shop the market.

Cannabis Connoisseurs from around the world are focused on the world of extracts and how to make your own dabs at home without the risk of breaking state and federal laws. A rosin press offers a “baggage free” solution to issues that Hydrocarbon, CO2, and Distillation home extractions bring to your property.  If you plan on distributing your Cannabis Rosin to medical or recreational dispensaries, then it will still be mandatory to obtain a properly zoned facility and a Processing License from your state.

If you are just making Rosin at home for you and your patients then you are ok to process, but not to sell or distribute to the legal market. I composed a list of 5 rules to follow when purchasing a Rosin Press so you no longer have to worry about putting yourself at risk with the law. rosin press

The Rules

#1 Stay as far away as possible from homemade press kits.

#2 Must have adjustable down stroke and automated pressure control.

#3 Small square or long narrow plates.

#4 No maintenance. No oils or grease.

#5 Your press must be able to repeat and save customize settings with a timer and counter so your product is tracked and consistent.

My word of advice to people looking to set up their rosin press is to get a mold that is customized to your plates and to buy from the United States. Companies like Pure Pressure and Rosin Tech Products have employees and owners that have been pressing rosin for years.  They have all the information and specific settings for making rosin with all types of start materials that can be very hard to press like fine kief or bubble hash.

For the newest technology in Rosin visit  Sho Industries and learn about their Rosin Roller Technology. A new perspective in Rosin in hope to preserve as many Terpenes possible.

About the author

Casey Walsh

I was born in San Mateo, California but grew up in Portland, Oregon. I have always had a passion for cannabis and its capabilities to heal and help reduce anxiety. I moved to LA when I was in my mid 20s where I worked in television production for 2 years, but my passion was still in cannabis. I soon returned to Portland hoping to get back in touch with my roots and cannabis connections. It was then that I started Miyagi Extracts in Oregon with two of my best friends and never looked back. Eventually I moved on to work for another legal concentrate company in SE Portland where I processed using Sub Zero light hydrocarbon closed loop extractors, Julabo rotary evaporators, and a Pope Scientific Short Path Wiped Film Molecular still for separation of Terpenes, Cannabinoids, and undesirables. I currently work as an extraction account executive for Terpenes and Testing Magazine and do product sales for and extraction company called CEID who are based out of San Diego CA.

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